Eastward Quest

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Defeat your enemies always moving east. Only victory can stop you!

Controls: Keyboard arrows or WASD keys. You can also use the mouse (click on the lane you want to move towards).

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Great game, but i felt it lacked something that could have made it better, perhaps if it was longer or had a more varied difficulty levels due to the fact i could leave my game running whilst i typed this, and still receive a pass but all in all a good game 3.5 stars

Amazing game its hard but some part are easy. The music is amazing it matches the level your playing the enemies are always different I love it but the final boss is kinda easy but hard at the same time and only if it was longer I hope you make a sequel as great as this game.

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I really liked it, the visuals were my favorite part, especially the Ashrealm creatures. If you decided to move the world of this game into another type, say an RPG, I would absolutely be interested. Anyways, the game was fun, I felt it was a bit easy at times, and maybe a bit unbalanced, but I still really liked it. The enemies weren't all the same, I liked how varied they were, excellent examples being the desert mirage effect and the poison spiders, it made me have to think a bit. I didn't really notice a big change in regards to the upgrades, mainly the speed, but that might have just been me. Also, I know I might get a little hate for this, but I felt the final boss was way too easy. To me, the dragon really felt like a boss that would introduce the mechanics a bit, then you would have to fight harder bosses later. But overall I really liked it and would love to see more from you, especially those little Ashrealm guys, they're awesome.

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Good game despite being too hard for me. ^^

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overall, it is a solid game, but there are a few things i personally did not like. in some cases, there was no escape, take a fireball/arrow or pit. another point was the delay in leveling up. there where many cases where i leveled and received a lethal blow within a second of each other, naturally, the game counts that as a death. the star power was a nice touch, only complaint is the timing of it at times (i understand it is random) there where times i would get the star, and not a single target for the entire run, others (which i liked) there where a ton of targets to mow through. next point was the "dodge" skill, i never figured out what that was for... it was odd that failure did not come with a price, meaning, i could charge in, kill till i dropped and walk away with all my coins, made upgrade a touch too easy. last note: a story, running to save the princess, running away from the evil oppressive overlord.... ok, enough complaining, time for the positive side. loved the retro feel of the game with the various sprites, added a little depth to the gameplay. the music helped with the feel also of the game. good solid game, with a few tweaks here and there (like longer and adding different weapons) this game would be a game i would return to long after playing it. thank you for reading my rant and hope this directs you to making even better games!

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3.92 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2013
2:27 PM EDT
Action - Other