Eastward Quest

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Defeat your enemies always moving east. Only victory can stop you!

Controls: Keyboard arrows or WASD keys. You can also use the mouse (click on the lane you want to move towards).

Thanks for playing!


Really liked the pixel art and music. The game mechanics are very simple though. Half hour after and I lost interest. Still, the author should be proud of making this game.

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I liked the game and had fun with it, the graphic are pretty nice for this style of game, Upgrade system so simple but works. but there also smalls things...

Sometimes i just feel this game is more "Luck based" rather to "skill based" some levels get pretty easy due this, but how is "luck based?" easy sometimes you get stronger enemies before you touch your health potion, food etc. so you get killed in the end, but sometimes you get stars even twices after one ending which make some levels easier. so sometimes upgrades doesnt matter. (i got full upgraded before the sky palace).

Maybe you can make in the next version a "upgrade to make appear a bit more often the stars?" like a Luck upgrade

desert was kinda nice due the mirage while i understand that game need to be "challenging" i feel a bit "unfair" for the player when you get "after a wall of enemies" a food but in the end was a mirage and then you get killed due you was a bit confident about you will restored a bit your health, i dont mean to remove mirages, but maybe you want to make a bit "different" the food mirage from the normal food, not a lot different but something that the "skilled" eye of a player can identify and make sometimes them to confuse them for normal food. this add a fair chanllege from the players side.

there also a small thing that maybe is just me but when i have the chance to take 2 stars one after i got the previous one like 3 segs before, the "new start" dont make last longer the effect from the previous start, its like i never got the second start, usually when you get the "second" power up like this kind of power up its make last a bit longer the effect. just telling.

Anyway, the game is great is fun i usually dont like the "keep moving games" but this one really got me just sometimes make feel that the game is more based on luck rather in your luck or your power ups (because even full powered up make you feel you still need more).

anyways good work and keep it up!

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Game is fun, and the music was really good. Only problem I had with it was the simplistic upgrade system, three options made it less of a matter of upgrading my guy how I want him and more of an 'okay what's the cheapest thing that I should upgrade next' kind of deal.

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I had fun.

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Mnemusyne responds:

That's all I wanted!

Usually i don't care for games like these, but this game is really fun!. Plus it has a much better name than i would have thought of; Left Quest!

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3.92 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2013
2:27 PM EDT
Action - Other