Eastward Quest

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Defeat your enemies always moving east. Only victory can stop you!

Controls: Keyboard arrows or WASD keys. You can also use the mouse (click on the lane you want to move towards).

Thanks for playing!


Nice game, just need some medeal archivment system.
Not so easy and not so hard, you hit the fun level

Mediocre upgrades and leveling is actually bad for you. The only point for leveling is to recover HP nothing else. If you upgrade too much you end up with less heals and end up dead/

i´m the first in world :O

I'm really surprised! The game is very fun and addicting.

If you add some medals,It can become more funny :)

Also,great work with the soundtracks and the pixel art,i really liked it

Good job!

Managed to eek out a win on the final boss when the game finally decided to be kind and spawn health potions on a fairly regular basis instead of pounding me with enemies. Concept is fun, but the execution is woefully unbalanced. There should never be a point where the player is forced to take damage, yet the arrows/fireballs flying in from off screen and the various pits all but guarantee this. Its also silly that the leveling up mechanic means its easier to survive at lower levels than higher ones.

Would look to see this game fleshed out more, at least with a more thoughtful level up mechanic.

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3.92 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2013
2:27 PM EDT
Action - Other