Pokemon: Fated Duel

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As the conclusion of the fate of Rayquaza is now revealed the chaotic battles still continue to rampage! Now two new powerful trainers have just entered the scene to engage in the most anticipated battle ever imagined “The cataclysmic clash Mewtwo and Deoxys!”

***READ NOW!!*** This is heavily graphically intensive flash, so I have suggested using the integrated toggle control functions (central black buttons) to control the quality. Some viewers may not be able to see the buttons in the borders due low brightness settings. Raise your brightness slightly to view controls more easily.

Be sure to watch "Pokemon the Fated Battle” and “Pokemon the Fated Encounter” to catch up in what is happening, as this is a conclusion of them both.

Small Commentary: It has been three years since I’ve submitted anything here and about two years of not making a single review on any submissions. Don’t know why I got so lazy in the past, but now as I’ve finished University and now working, I now have the full push to continue the “Fated Series”. Previously I've stated before that I’m not a huge fan of Pokemon, but absolutely adore the concept. I did all my Mewtwo/Deoxys research on Bulbapedia to discover their attacks, attributes, strengths and weaknesses to come to an analytical based conclusion. This is my own imagination of what I think Pokemon Battles should look like, so in the end I dedicate this to all fans and non alike.

Full Running Time – 8:82 minutes
Running Time (Battle scene(s) duration) – 5:40 Minutes
Frame Rate- AS3 20fps = AS2 24fps
Symbol Count- 4411!!! O_O (Doubled Fated Encounter and Battle Combined!!)
Production Time of Flash – No comment
Again be sure to watch to the credits for a surprise!


It was a good effort, I'll give the artist that much. However, despite trying to go for being "epic", he broke the character of some of the pokemon and I really feel like that sullied it and made it somewhat painful to watch. Mewtwo would NEVER let his feet touch the ground unless forced, let alone other pokemon. The animation in general needs some refining - the characters need more shape when drawn, and their limbs look too much like disconnected tubes on top of the other as opposed to actual limbs. If we're also going the "Deoxys can change forms at will" route, it should also be made more apparent that Deoxys is changing form. I would have liked to see the Defense form properly utilized, for one, rather than focusing so much on the Attack and Speed forms.

Anyway, that's my two cents.

Tyrant-D responds:

Yes mewtwo likes to make use of it's telekenetic powers to get out and about most of the time, but my friend at the end of the day some people have to stop being so picky when comes to fan-made projects.

In the latest mewtwo movie released (by gamefreak), mewtwo had fought a tyranitar and two other pokemon in which mewtwo was getting it's ass handled. The mewtwo depicted in the movie was significantly depowered compared to the one depicted in the first movie. The first movie gave most viewers the impression that mewtwo was some sort of untouchable god, which I find cool but still don't really believe.

Going to deoxys; in this Deoxys defence mode was tanking quite the attacks mewtwo was pumping out. But I guess as this damn movie was so ridiculously fast-paced, you probably didn't see it. I assure you this will be my second last flash I'll ever do on something related to pokemon, as I cannot shake off poke nerds like you.

Thanks for the Review

This was absolutely amazing. Definitely worth the wait. If someone hasn't seen this they should be gifted with being able to view it. This prove you truly are a legend and I'm sure you have made your name a staple on Newgrounds. You will always have my support and my friendship. I applaud you on turning Pokemon battles into real battles! Great work!

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I feel like some more clearly physical moes would have spiced this up a bit more, but I suppose Mewtwo doesn't exactly know or use any physical attacks, so work with what ya got.
And it is great for what was there.

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I found that i did not like it as much as the second, was shocked . They just seemed so corny , and so much going on at once.

Ho lee shit.... Best flash animation I've ever seen. Please make Dragonball AF. You are the chosen one!

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Sep 4, 2013
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