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Pokemon: Fated Duel

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As the conclusion of the fate of Rayquaza is now revealed the chaotic battles still continue to rampage! Now two new powerful trainers have just entered the scene to engage in the most anticipated battle ever imagined “The cataclysmic clash Mewtwo and Deoxys!”

***READ NOW!!*** This is heavily graphically intensive flash, so I have suggested using the integrated toggle control functions (central black buttons) to control the quality. Some viewers may not be able to see the buttons in the borders due low brightness settings. Raise your brightness slightly to view controls more easily.

Be sure to watch "Pokemon the Fated Battle” and “Pokemon the Fated Encounter” to catch up in what is happening, as this is a conclusion of them both.

Small Commentary: It has been three years since I’ve submitted anything here and about two years of not making a single review on any submissions. Don’t know why I got so lazy in the past, but now as I’ve finished University and now working, I now have the full push to continue the “Fated Series”. Previously I've stated before that I’m not a huge fan of Pokemon, but absolutely adore the concept. I did all my Mewtwo/Deoxys research on Bulbapedia to discover their attacks, attributes, strengths and weaknesses to come to an analytical based conclusion. This is my own imagination of what I think Pokemon Battles should look like, so in the end I dedicate this to all fans and non alike.

Full Running Time – 8:82 minutes
Running Time (Battle scene(s) duration) – 5:40 Minutes
Frame Rate- AS3 20fps = AS2 24fps
Symbol Count- 4411!!! O_O (Doubled Fated Encounter and Battle Combined!!)
Production Time of Flash – No comment
Again be sure to watch to the credits for a surprise!


i give you 5/5 for the badass movie, but i have just one question, if asked before apologies, but, why did you decide of these pokemon (mew, mewtwo, rayquaza, tyranitar, lucario, deoxys, and salamance, among others)? was it because of their power or was it your personal preferences? also, like i said before, excellent movie, but the characters, movements, and even the overall feel of the movie seemed less like pokemon and more like dragonball z. was this intentional, or just coincidental? i not nit picking, just merely curious.

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HOLY SHIT SO MANY FRAMES!!!!!! great animation and i loved how you stayed faithful to the games and movies. The attacks looked great and animation was very well done!!! Also, u focused completely on the battle itself (something the real pokemon movies have seemed to lack lately). Lengthy flash and made you want to keep watching. The only thing that bothers me is how the trainers seemed to be positioned kind of akwardly. Otherwise its perfect!

Yet another great movie! Unlike most nerds I like how you let deoxys change forms randomly at the end. And how you have mewtwo use his legs. Most people don't realize that deoxyz was able to change forms fast as seen in Destiny Deoxys where he could change forms quite rapidly in the heat of battle. Also I loved how you had mewtwo enter in the battle armor from the movie!


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I thought you had forgotten about the pokemon vids you made. I've been waiting for a long time and when I finally logged on and saw you video, I was very excited! I sat through the whole thing, watching it all carefully while having my heart pound in my chest with excitement, as my bf watched dbz videos beside me. I watched as the characters danced across the screen while the pokemon battled their hearts out to prove themselves to their trainers and their opponents. I wouldn't be able to do this in a million years and be able to do it with skill. Even if I could try, I'll wouldn't be able to have the time or the patients to do this. I wish you would do another cause I'd love to know how it ends D:

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Sep 4, 2013
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