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Pokemon: Fated Duel

rated 4.36 / 5 stars
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Sep 4, 2013 | 10:22 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Now watch this Full 1080P Lag-Free on Youtube

As the conclusion of the fate of Rayquaza is now revealed the chaotic battles still continue to rampage! Now two new powerful trainers have just entered the scene to engage in the most anticipated battle ever imagined “The cataclysmic clash Mewtwo and Deoxys!”

***READ NOW!!*** This is heavily graphically intensive flash, so I have suggested using the integrated toggle control functions (central black buttons) to control the quality. Some viewers may not be able to see the buttons in the borders due low brightness settings. Raise your brightness slightly to view controls more easily.

Be sure to watch "Pokemon the Fated Battle” and “Pokemon the Fated Encounter” to catch up in what is happening, as this is a conclusion of them both.

Small Commentary: It has been three years since I’ve submitted anything here and about two years of not making a single review on any submissions. Don’t know why I got so lazy in the past, but now as I’ve finished University and now working, I now have the full push to continue the “Fated Series”. Previously I've stated before that I’m not a huge fan of Pokemon, but absolutely adore the concept. I did all my Mewtwo/Deoxys research on Bulbapedia to discover their attacks, attributes, strengths and weaknesses to come to an analytical based conclusion. This is my own imagination of what I think Pokemon Battles should look like, so in the end I dedicate this to all fans and non alike.

Full Running Time – 8:82 minutes
Running Time (Battle scene(s) duration) – 5:40 Minutes
Frame Rate- AS3 20fps = AS2 24fps
Symbol Count- 4411!!! O_O (Doubled Fated Encounter and Battle Combined!!)
Production Time of Flash – No comment
Again be sure to watch to the credits for a surprise!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Art - 3/5: The art isn't terrible and it isn't great at the same time. I don't want you to take that negatively just an area of improvement would be the anatomy of your characters and proportions etc.

Animation - 4/5: While some tweening lets you down on the most part the animation is solid. Battle scenes certainly pack a believe punch from the attacks on show and the characters respond accordingly. The camera is far to hectic at time. I agree with a previous comment stating it is so off putting that they didn't want to finish the animation.

Sound - 2/5: This for me was the biggest problem. The sound quality on the sound effects during the battles was very poor. It was very grainy and I found myself turning my volume down very low in order to save my ears. High quality recordings and sound effects really go a long way to immerse in the action.

Overall 3/5, with the points mentioned above and the hard to follow story. Keep up the good work and i look forward to seeing you progress as an animator!

Tyrant-D responds:

Good overall review however I would like to answer some of your points.

Art - 3/5: You said the art is not bad and not great at the same time which I understand. Though I think the reason you thought the art was not that good was because of my main use of the line/pencil tool. If I had used the brush tool then I think the art would be alot more appealing. The thing is, as I use a mouse, using the brush tool would be incredibly difficult and if not done right can be very time consuming. As I can draw in real-life aswell I intend in ordering a brand new drawing tablet so it can help speed up my drawing times while looking neat aswell.

As with the character proportions and anatomy, they are heavily based off the anatomy of dragonball characters. Which I now understand many many people dislike, especially in a place like this. I will not make that mistake again.

Animation - 4/5: Thanks for giving me the benefit of doubt, yes the tweening animation did look awkward at times. But what you have to remember, also looking back at my previous work is that I'm no professional well-paid animator. Just some broke cyber security ex-student lol but continuing on your point, I could make use of frame by frame animation though again it requires too much time to do. Without a tablet I'm gonna have to restrict myself into using a mouse and boring tweens.

Sound - 2/5: Here is where I totally agree with you here. The sounds I used were way too loud, I made that mistake again on my part. Previously I've mentioned, weeks prior before releasing this I had noticed that the sounds can be considerably loud at certain points. I was like shit wtf can I do? half the flash contained sound waves that could make my ears bleed. Then I said forget it, I've already taken too long to release this so I just went on to finish it.

You mention certain sounds being grainy which I slightly disagree in. If I had known most of the sounds were scratchy lol this flash would be no where near newgrounds. I think it's only at the intro where you can hear the first soundtrack scratch a bit, but that's the main problem I have seen so far.

Overall thanks for the in-depth review, all I can do is learn and better myself as a animator. I'm considering changing my style in future animations, so I can bring a wider audience of viewers to enjoy my projects.

Peace Tyrant-D!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's a nice animation but the camera is always moving and it's just... ERGH


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!!! ABOUT WHAT ANYBODY SAY'S!!! I love this shit I been watching you since the last 2 you did and it's nice ass shit. Excuse my language but shit even if the animation isn't super good like some lil crybaby 2 star given bitch said then don't fuckin watch lil bitch. I've been getting on newgrounds since 2003 and this is fuckin sexy lol. I never like to sign in cause it's doing so damn much I didn't even create this account until awhile after being on newgrounds lol but this right here deserves a 5 star rating you just take DBZ and fuse it with fuckin Pok'e Mon and not even the bitch Pok'e Mon all FUCKING SAVAGE Pok'e Mon I never liked fuckin Pikachu fuck a Pikachu Charizard bro I watched that ep where evolves into Charizard so many times bro I owned that bitch SO if you're a true fuckin 90's kid you didn't give af about some punk ass animation you would sit there with the BIGGEST fuckin hard on. I've been waiting fuckin forever for this I wish that dude that does Super Bro's Z I think it's called with mario, sonic, shadow and all them ya them are nice too you talented mf's need to do something either go to school for it or keep doing stuff liek this and quit leaving us waiting for fuckin internet decades and shit.....fucking amazing work though please kepp going


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Gotta Agree with geco on this one. The idea was cool. Watching the video was pretty nifty, but the camera angles really brought it down. There wasn't much of a need for 5+ camera angle switches just to follow a single attack. I watched it all the way through, and I would definitely watch more. Work on the angles a little bit more and I feel that the quality of the video would be vastly improved.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I kinda liked it... but at the same time, it did my head in >< It felt like a Michael bay film, the camera was just... everywhere. I could barely make out what was going on and... honestly, I din't want to finish it.

The camera doesn't need to move around so much to make something epic, I think some voice acting, building up suspense and planning will really help your animation (Try looking at some epic fight scenes online. Rooster teeth have a few epic action scenes in their red v blue series (Season 9 onwards) and RWBY also has an awesome action scene (Episode 8, it has some nice teamwork scenes)

I can tell you went through allot of effort into making this, I'm just voicing my opinion upon it.