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On the John

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my greatest fear in life now as a cartoon for you to laugh at

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For what it is, it's perfect. Forget about other people rating it on something other than what it was designed to be! Great job on this short!

That was the dumbest thing I've witnessed today. At least you can draw.

Animation was very good, the movements were smooth and all in all, it looked very professional. The voice acting was also very good, along with the design, color scheme ect... The only issue was the ending. It was shit (hueheuehu), I giggled but it wasn't enough. Especially considering that the audio quality of the shart noise was extremely low. If you decided to make any changes and reupload or something, an idea would be showing in between his legs (from the back) with little bits of brown just dripping, and have the camera pan up to show the horrified look on the mans face. If you're going to take the poo route, you have to go all out.

Amazing, smooth, great style, great voice acting, music choice as well.
While other people see the ending negatively, I'd rather rate it positevely because it's simple and direct.
Not an exaggerated, fake or impossible situation.
I found hilarious this guy stuck at the door with a retard in a hopeless situation, especially the close-in with the guy's face saying "I hate the likes of you with every cell of my body".
So I'd guess that the suggestive distance between the toilet and the door is what (mainly) all the fear is about?