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We asked for a simple design brief. This is what we got:
"Make game like Mario style but all darkness and you'd be a bat or black kitty with ummm pumpkins."

Throughout the game you'll pick up numerous power-ups that will change Hexkitty's appearance and grant her amazing powers!
(Who wouldn't want to be a cat that can fly and shoot lasers!!)

The game could be completed later this year if this proves successful and/or popular, so let us know what you think. Forget being on Steam for the moment, do you want to see at least as Hexkitty as a full game?

You can find updates about the game and a playable demo here:

Trailer Music:

Credits Thus Far:
Game Music:
Title Screen - Deadbeatblast - Reboot 2 - Chipcon.org
Level 1 - Chema64 - Reboot - Chipcon.org
All Other Music - Eric Skiff (ericskiff.com)
Hexktty - BohdanDrop
Everything else - Nathan Murkin

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Wow! It's adorable! :3 I really like this game's concept, And the graphics, And most things about it! A few things I had a problem with, A: If I press space twice in succession, It scrolls me down to the comments.. That's probably just a my computer problem, But still. On occasion, Jumping on the pumpkins would result in you taking damage.. Kind of inconvenient. The cat gets much cuter with wings too. ^w^ There are a few other bugs, But I don't want to put them all in a review, Because.. Yeah. I guess I'll message you with the rest..? If you care to know anyway. It's a good game, And well worth the 4 stars. Improvements are needed though.

chakraheiach responds:

Yes of course any bugs you've found at all would be appreciated! You've mentioned some I've already been made aware of, but some are a little hard for me to work out how to fix, like the jumping one.. I have absolutely no problem, never get hurt when jumping.. so I guess everyone controls the game a little differently.

Thank you very much for such a generous review :3!

This is so adorable! ^-^ Love the music and gameplay, though pumpkins kept killing me even when I jumped on their heads =( but still a great game! =D

chakraheiach responds:

Yeah.. people seem to fall into 2 categories.. those who have no problem jumping on pumpkins at all and those who always die to them :S.. I guess we all aim differently when we jump...

Ha good job. A little buggy here and there (EX: When you get hit by an enemy you float in mid-air) but over all definitely good dude! One last thing: I'm pretty sure the checkpoint sound effect was stolen from Minecraft 0_o

chakraheiach responds:

It's a generic splash sound.. but I can easily find another or record my own.. thanks for the heads-up :).

this is a great game. the cat is cute and the music is amazing

chakraheiach responds:

Thank you very much! I'll do my best!

decent start, I ran into a little problem though, at one point when i jumped on top of a pumpkin i lost the hat and killed the pumpkin at the same time, other than that decent start

chakraheiach responds:

Yeah I hear that sometimes :S.. I'll work on that bit I guess. Thanks for your comments!

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3.43 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2013
3:59 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other