Pre-Civilization: Stone A

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Dear friends!
In December 2014, the Pre-Civilization: Bronze Age will be released here! If you have a Steam account please VOTE for Pre-Civilization: Marble Age! (Please! We need you help !!!) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=344253288

So if you interest in future beta-test and more interesting updates: https://twitter.com/ClarusVictoria



Only one question - is there a save feature? I played it for a few hours but it was fun the whole way through.
This is a really good game. The music was relaxing, the goal is far enough away that you have time to make some mistakes and bounce back as long as you don't make too many bad decisions on the tech tree and building screen. You can't have it all by the time you beat the game. Make sure you notice the crown tech for social class has two requirements to unlock, so don't neglect it for the end. After you beat the game there is a sandbox mode to continue things you may not have unlocked.

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Great game, the first time i played it i didnt understand that the higher your food the more population you get per turn so i was only producing enough food so that my people didnt starve and well i lost. but the second time i actually boosted my population and won the game, but the palace cost me 25000 even though i was on the easy setting.

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@Anonlaughingman it's architecture and barter, barter being a synonym of trade. This was a amazing and addicting game, loving civilization games however, I think it could have been improved if you had many neighboring tribes that you could make peace with or eliminate, elimination increasing culture and population size, since you have a rich military history, and you have a extra city to control for all of the extra citizens, while peace would increase culture and population growth, since the two tribes would trade, more food, more to feed new citizens, and culture for having great diplomatic skills.

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I have played this game through four times now in the easiest mode and have yet to beat it. That being said, it is addictive and I love it! I love the Civilization games, and I think this is a great prequel to those. Just wish it weren't so impossible to beat, though!

was fun but the tutorial didnt really give me any good advice. sort of confusing to me. i was having a lot of fun, but i don't have the patience to replay this game 80 times in a row to repeat the same things to try and possibly mayyybe get the hang of it. reminded me of the game Spore (during the tribal stage) but i was a bit disappointed with the weird game play. like really... could have been much more awesome.

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Sep 2, 2013
12:39 PM EDT
Strategy - Other
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