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Old school platform game with Jack the koala. Help Jack get though all the 32 levels divided in 8 worlds. Can you get the best score ever!


Collision is extremely buggy, sound effects start becoming more like a kid clicking a pen in my ear, and I don't really feel any incentive to finish levels because of a lack of story. Or if there is a story its not making it self very apparent. Plus the movement feels like a 3 legged cow on roller blades. I'm not sure if there was any pre-planning or documentation of this game at all, but if there is one thing good about this game its the amazing art work and tiling! Animation is seamless as-well as the tiles.

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i like it

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My thoughts when playing this game:
-Koalas are great :3
-The atmosphere was quite pleasing through the levels I've played
It was way too easy to get stuck in a level, and without a simple resetbutton, you have to wait until the time runs out before restarting the level...
There is something I would call a bug when jumping towards an object, which makes you float until you release "up".
Overall rating, I haven't played the game enough to make this solid, but you get 3 stars from me, keep up the good work!

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Very good job on the music , to the minions and to the background of the game. The character doing double jump moves his body when moving. Clasic style super mario with a bit more difficulty every now and then. I didnt like when the character made jump and was stuck on subject or on some walls it gave some advantage versus minions but i think can happened with some other way, nice work on the option that players have on some levels they can jump over the end of the level and so they can gain an extra bonus life playing the same level.

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Kinda buggy, and the controls feel lazy.

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2.41 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2013
5:47 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop