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Edit: Thanks for the reviews and telling me what to improve. :) The next game I make I will make the physics better and improve the graphics.

The goal is to get passed 30 levels to win. Use the arrow keys to move. Dodge the red circle or else you will have to respawn. Get to the door to get to the next level.


Some of my thoughts while playing this:
If this is one of your first games, good job, keep improving!
-The music
-Thinking outside of the box (walking on text, ...)
-A buildup to the end, was announced several times.
Dislikes (More like tips):
-You die way too easily, by that I mean that you only have to be in the vicinity of an object to die, make it smoother please!
-Some kind of background would make it more fun.
-Make the levels harder (as you improve) and add more threats
-And last, but not least, please, PLEASE, make the ending more pleasing...
If you would like me to review more of your games, send me a pm or something ;)
Final rating: 3
Good job for a beginning gamecreator, keep up the good work!

ZomgGamez responds:


Buggy, way too easy and the graphics are awful. Seen worse tho.

ZomgGamez responds:

Ya I know it's really buggy and easy. I might go fix some of the bugs later and mabye make it a bit harder.

The music was great success guys good job. The humour when i was playing with doors and all the others things was nice too. The graphics wasn't so good job I think needs more job there. :)

I think this might be your first game.
The hitboxes were buggy, and it's too repetitive and too short.
The levels are practically the same.

Has potential, kind of vanilla.
The controls need a little work and the game was too short but otherwise it was alright.

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2.22 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2013
4:10 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other