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Cratchit's Goose

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After Ebenezer Scrooge awakens, reformed, from his ghost-haunted fever dream, he decides to buy his poor employee, Bob Cratchit, a Christmas turkey as a gesture of his new, generous outlook on life. Unfortunately, the gift has been delivered to the wrong house.

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pretty good. where can i buy soot in a can though?


One of the smarter things to come out of newgrounds which surprised me. I honestly think that this was very entertaining.

The voices were quite superb and it was pretty humorous. In fact, I loved how it retained the humor without being too vulgar. The sound quality was great, too.

The animation was okay. I mean, it did seem weird when the commoner raised his arms as his hand seemed stiff a bit. But at other times it did look good like when he points at Cratchit. Though looking at everything, it seemed like something that was made in 2003-2004 minus the sound quality. I would recommend a few things.

1. Look up some tips on shading, some of the gradients make everything look really outdated.

2. While tweens are alright, I would also recommend some frame-by-frame animation as well.

3. The dust on the commoner really sticks out. I mean a lot. I would also look up some ways to make the dust sort of blend in with the character.

Other than that, this is great. Good lipsyncing, character designs look superb and the city has nice look to it. To be honest, the animation looks like a bit of a mixture between Stamper's style or the guy who works on "How It Should Have Ended".

Animations are simple but good enough, voice acting could't be any better. I loved the stupid conversation, hope to see more of this.

That movie entertained me so I give it a high score.