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Seb's Adventure!

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You play as me (Seb) and you are on an adventure to get home and get burgers, but beware because there is construction and it gets dark! Will you get da burger?

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ugh, alright, I did it, I played the first one of this trash series. People, since either the collision size of the block, or the collision size of the person is very poor, to beat the third level, you have get as far off the edge as possible, which will end up you being a tiny bit floating in front of the block.
But do you want a much better advice? Just leave. Give this game a 0 rating, and go play something else. You won't be wasting your time, and it will hopefully give this kid a clue that it is going to take more than an idle sprite, blocks, and a terrible collision effect to make anything close to a decent game.
The reviewers are either people who are actually reviewing and says this is crap, or just either a bunch of this kid's friends/ multiple accounts. There might be a few people that think they are doing this kid (yes, I have been just assuming the creator is a kid) a favor by saying this game is great, but you really are not. You can compliment him for trying, but still rate it at the max of .5 and tell him why it just is not good enough to be posted as an actual game so that people like me don't have to be rude and frank about it.

Now, I noticed that I can "wall jump", I don't think this was intended, but it also made me jump significantly higher. This game is actually better than its sequel, but it is certainly not even worth 1 star. Try out Game-maker, it can be quite simple while also getting into a bit more complicated things, while being somewhat free. I recommend using that to hone your game development skills for quite some time before trying to post up another game like this. But, as you are now, the games you produce can not be worthy of being a game with the others here, even though it is, because the people who are not doing this kid a favor and rating him really high up somehow managed this to go through Judgement.

The game is bad, but you have a nice idea for this dark levels :)

Hey dude! I played this and didn't even realize that you had made it. This is a great step in your development. I also liked the music. Still a little simple, but still enjoyable to play. Great job!

I had some fun playin this game :)

The story was good, and I like a game that offers a walljump option. I have one complaint though, the ceiling was death..that made me sad. Some platforms were up very high, and an over-enthusiastic jump could result in death, especially in the later later levels. If I could go up above the screen and come back down that would be pretty cool.

Don't give up though, you made a decent game :)

not too bad, I mean when someone makes a game. it would be preferable to have simplistic controls and music which a few games here dont already have. its a platformer game with a simple story not too over the top and it shows you know how to make the controls of your game and that's cool. now you know your controls, you can focus on better designs for your levels and character art maybe but there is something I don't really like about it. even though its creative, I don't really like how dark it gets at times coz half the time I tried to see where I was, I couldn't see much and it hurt my eyes a bit. just next time you make another game, just think of the little things to help improve your game. hope this review helps