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The Working Man

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Aug 30, 2013 | 4:10 PM EDT

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I began this project about two weeks ago, as I was watching some of David Firth (fat-pie)'s cartoons, ideas for characters sprung into my head, and I sketched them out into my sketchbook. A day later, I began drawing a storyboard in my sketchbook, which took a total of about 2-3 days to finish in completion. Afterwards, I took about a week and then some of on and off work in Flash to finish this animation.

This is actually the first animation I ever dedicated myself to finishing, and has been quite the project.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I feel that you have a lot of potential. The voices were too low so i couldn`t really hear what anyone was saying, and I felt confused as everything was redrawn in each frame giving off a wavy effect for everything. maybe if the background was wavy and the characters remained still or vice versa it would`ve made things a bit less disorienting. I still saw some charm and potential through it and although it was gothic like David Firth`s work it still felt original in it`s own right. I`d suggest looking at a few more animation tutorials or what not (unless you already are) to improve upon your 2d animation skills, because the potential is already there. Keep on developing your skills and don't give up is my advice, hope this helps.

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ASimpleAnimator responds:

Thanks a bunch for the response - I appreciate it! :) I've watched the movie a few more times myself, and I think that while I can understand the voices (maybe that's just because I'm familiar with my own voice, though), the volume of the vocal tracks are indeed a bit too low. I think the wavy effect given off on this movie was partially inspired by the "Squigglevision" approach to animating - which can be found in early Home Movies and Ed, Edd n' Eddy - and realizing that it would probably be too late to switch to a more efficient way of animating when I was halfway done with it. I did watch a few of Harry Partridge's animation tutorials, but I also went on my own thoughts for some part - they say you've got to learn the rules as an artist to be able to break them, eh?

This was only my first animation, so hopefully things will change - ideas are always flowing through my mind, I've just got to jot them down and get to work on them. Thanks again for your time! :)


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I rather liked it, it's original. Though I feel that a couple of changes could make it better. Namely bring up the volume on the vocal track, I couldn't understand what was being said at all and it was almost completely drowned out by the background noise. And if you were to put the drawn characters and such on a background that is drawn in that same minimalist, fluctuating style I feel like that would give it a sense of completeness that it was missing. And the static, clear background detracted some of the focus from the characters and the overall atmosphere of the story. In the last bit of it, I might tone the distortion down a tad, though that might just be my own preference and I would try to add at least a little bit of color or maybe shading of some sort to his face. I feel like as a whole it's really dark and yet the main person looks completely innocent and bright and kinda out of place. Sorry for the excessively long review, I feel like this has a lot of potential and I hope that you can continue to develop your skills. I think you could make some pretty great things.

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ASimpleAnimator responds:

No apology nessesary for the long review - I love 'em. In terms of the vocal track, I had done all the voices myself, and all of which, I agree - were quieter than what I had liked them to be. At the same time, my microphone is rather low quality, and as a result, it produces some static unless I pan it both left and right and record with two channels - in Vegas, the vocals added on to the rest of the audio made the project peak in some places, so I was reluctant to raise the volume. Besides, the vocal tracks were at +12 dB when I was finished with them, so I felt raising them even higher might make the project peak more than what I wanted.

I was heavily inspired by David Firth's "Sock 5" to make actual images for my backgrounds. Maybe I'll go back and try and focus on how he made such an effect more lively, try to recreate it - or maybe I'll go off on my own path altogether and do something entirely different. Who's to say? When I was working on the project, I started to figure that shading would help the colours stand out, but I figured it would prove to be too large and exhausting a task to do - intimidated by the thought, I decided to skip out on it. Thanks again for the review, your words are much appreciated! :)


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