Shoot'n'Roll Deluxe

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Use your shooting skill and try to make all colored balls
fall into place.
Discover a lot of physic mechanics shooting every object to create a course and let balls reach glass-jars.

Enjoy the fun through....

64 colored game levels and...

8 different bonus levels.

Will your aim be good enough ?...


It's different. Music and sound effects are nice and funny. I like it. :)

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m-skara responds:

Thanks for comment, I'm working to improve it a little more....

having to click on the picture next to the words in the menu and not the words themselves is a bit confusing. same goes for if you lose a mission, the fact that the retry button isn't on the words "try again" just seems odd and impractical. it's not gamebreaking mind, but it's a little nonsensical. some of the levels can be beaten in ways they clearly shouldn't be, and the system of having to shoot everything for more points can be slightly annoying. also, check spellings throughout the menu of the game. despite all of the above, the base idea behind the game is really interesting and pretty unique too. give it some polish - a LOT of polish - and it could be a pretty good game.

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m-skara responds:

Thanks, lots of good advices...

The structure of the game is OK.
But why choose such a hard to understand menu?
If something says "Try again"
You usually click 'Try again' am I right?
Not to mention the soundspam, I know you added a mute button: THANK GOD! But it doesnt feel right playing the game with no sound at all.
This game needs a lot more work.

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m-skara responds:

thanks a lot !
Your opinion is very well expressed and helpful, your notes will really help me
to improve my work.

The physics in the game are bad and the game isn't even fun. You should improve this game, and post another version. Then people will rate it.

m-skara responds:

Thanks for "your" opinion

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Credits & Info

2.76 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2013
11:12 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle