Cursed Treasure 2

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Air Defense 5 Points

Defeat a flying enemy in flight

Architect of Darkness 5 Points

Upgrade a tower to the 5th rank

Brilliant Day 5 Points

Get BRILLIANT for a day mission

Brilliant: Holy Mountain 5 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the day missions 4-6

Brilliant: Meadowshire 5 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the day missions 1-3

Combo Breaker! 5 Points

Defeat an invisible ninja

Don't Touch My Gems! 5 Points

Defeat an enemy carrying a gem

Drunken Master 5 Points

Collect 100 mana potions

Evil Genius 5 Points

Upgrade any skill to maximum (up to 5th rank)

Foreman of Darkness 5 Points

Upgrade a tower to the 3rd rank

Go Home! 5 Points

Scare off 100 enemies

On the Crest of a Wave 5 Points

Defeat a champion

Sergeant of the Evil 5 Points

Achieve the rank 10

Sharpshooter 5 Points

Defeat 5 enemies with one meteor

Starry: Meadowshire 5 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the night missions 1-3

Stasis Alcatraz 5 Points

Cage 50 enemies in a stasis cage

The Starry Night 5 Points

Get BRILLIANT for a night mission

Tinned Corpse 5 Points

Defeat an armored Knight

Top of the World 5 Points

Defeat the High Priest

Your War is Over 5 Points

Defeat the General

Avada Kedavra 10 Points

Defeat the Archmage

Brilliant: Arcania 10 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the day missions 10-12

Brilliant: Tanglewood 10 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the day missions 7-9

Brilliant: The Coreland 10 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the day missions 13-15

Brilliant: Wasteland 10 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the day missions 16-18

Clean Forests 10 Points

Defeat the Arch Druid

Deposition 10 Points

Defeat the King

Father of Nation 10 Points

Upgrade all the skills of a race to maximum

It's a Trap! 10 Points

Make 100 mines (poisonous, energy or volcanic) of the enemies

Lieutenant of the Evil 10 Points

Achieve the rank 20

Look After the Pence... 10 Points

Collect 10,000 gold picking up coins

Loveless 10 Points

Remove the charm from the towers using Terror spell 100 times.

Monument Keeper 10 Points

Complete levels 16, 17 or 18 without destroying any Sacred Stones.

Sing, My Angel 10 Points

Defeat the Barbarian Queen

Starry: Arcania 10 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the night missions 10-12

Starry: Holy Mountain 10 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the night missions 4-6

Starry: Tanglewood 10 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the night missions 7-9

Starry: The Coreland 10 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the night missions 13-15

Starry: Wasteland 10 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the night missions 16-18

Takeover 10 Points

Seize 50 buildings

Tastes Like Chicken 10 Points

Turn 50 enemies into chickens

The Apotheosis of War 10 Points

Defeat 2000 common enemies

Thunderstorm 10 Points

Damage 50 enemies with the thunder scroll

V.I.P. Cemetery 10 Points

Defeat 50 champions

Woodcutter 10 Points

Chop 100 forests

Brilliant: Free Coast 25 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the day missions 19-21

Deadman's Chest 25 Points

Find treasure chests on levels 19, 20 and 21.

Feed the Fishes 25 Points

Defeat the 7th boss

Hostile Waters 25 Points

Defeat 50 divers while underwater.

Starry: Free Coast 25 Points

Get BRILLIANTS for the night missions 19-21

Author Comments

The hordes of good heroes come again. And they are hungry for gems more than ever because The King himself wants the stones for his private needs. Gather the evil forces, build towers, upgrade, drink soda, cast the mighty spells, do whatever you can but don't let them touch your gems!

Update 1.3.2:

Update 1.3.1:
Invisible and underwater enemies are now affected by area damage.

Update 1.3.0:
Fast Speed can be toggled instead of holding (pause the game to switch controls)
New hotkeys: P for pause, T for next wave
Coins autocollect before the next wave
Texts are tweaked
Terror protects from Charm for 2 seconds
Total game re-balance: skill effects, meteor damage, towers XP formula, towers upgrade costs, towers ranges and damages, enemies HP are tweaked
All the levels are re-balanced
Fixed bugs:
Towers XP on highground was incorrect
Damage bonuses were not applied
A lot of XP when losing
Crypt charges were whirling
Crypt charges did not re-aim
Scared enemies do not stuck
… and a lot of others

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Great job on this game! I play it on mobile when I can.

Great tower defense game, at times very challenging.

best flash tower defence of all time for me here. I've finished the game at least 5 times

Fun and funny!

Keep up the great work!

I started playing this game and it seemed like a fun tower defense strategy game. The first few levels were fun to play and then replay in the restricted night mode, trying to figure out tactics for perfect scores. Later levels began to get harder, but not from a tactics/strategy standpoint. First, it introduces enemies that use cheap invisibility tricks to bypass towers combined with immunity to your stopgap spells. They aren't hard to defeat with proper planning, but often get through if you lose track of them. Then there are levels with multiple paths that need defending, but if the computer sends an entire wave down one path early on, you get overrun. The final few levels put you in a position where the ONLY way to win is to get lucky drops early in the level. If a certain obstacle isn't cleared by a certain round, it begins to cost more to defend each round than you can possibly earn, which is fine IF it's possible to get there without luck. I much prefer a game that can be won with proper strategy regardless of whether the RNG god is on your side. Finally, the final boss arrives and turns the game into a "click the smoke bombs as fast as you can" game. No more strategy, just knock the bombs away or you lose. It would be like playing a turn based RPG through to the end, and having to win a rhythm battle against the end boss.

This is an old game, but I'll offer a few ideas on bugs/features anyway:
Picking up drops is messed up. Potions and gold you have to click directly on, but trap scrolls are activated if any part of the cursor is touching them. This can make it impossible to collect needed resources without wasting valuable traps. Make the interface more consistent and show which item will be collected in the status bar.
Also, enemy corpses and graphic effects can prevent clicking on them at times, which is very annoying if you need to activate a trap in a short time window. Make sure the sparkly effects don't interfere with functionality.
The game eats up more and more resources until it eventually chokes the computer.
Showing the range would help when selecting tower upgrades.
Some kind of indicator is needed for the gems, for the times you are going for the perfect score. Often, it's hard to tell if an enemy picked a gem up and died, or died right before. This can be especially difficult if you have the skill where gems move back on their own. Perhaps a "Number of Gems Left" indicator that changes color once they've been disturbed. It's very annoying to play a level for 30 minutes and then find out that you lost the bonus.

IriySoft responds:

Thx for the comments. Some issues were addressed in the mobile version (Android app is free) but most still remain.

Credits & Info

4.55 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2013
10:28 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense
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