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Author Comments

NEONBALL is a puzzle-arcade game that takes you to the near future, where energy resources are rare, and the only place humanity can find energy and avoid living in the darkness - is in the glorious NEONCITY.
It was decided that no man can use energy without proving his worth, for there is no power that can be handled without care.

For that - a test was invented by the E.N.R - Energy National Resources. That test, was NEONBALL.

Only by completing NEONBALL you will be granted access to NEONCITY.

Check out our Facebbok page, we upload some cool stuff there and we would love you to be a part of our community:

Feel free to record yourself getting SMASHED by Neonball, and send it over so we can share it!

Our dear programmer Ori is on vacation until the end of the month, so updates will start will start coming from that time forward.(Expect quality control for slower computers, some fixes regrading RAM, boss bug fixes and more...).

Stay tuned - great stuff coming!


I agree with Snowkeeper(2 post below), I already saw the reply, but I still have to say, it feels a bit unnecessary IMHO.

It seems there's room for optimization when hitting lasers - after you play for a long time, getting hit by a laser tend to slow the game tremendously. It's like the game is playing on 0.3 speed.

Beyond that, the animation, sfx and gameplay are all very refreshing, very well done.

Suggestions for new content:
It'd be nice if there's a level editor. Such thing only make games of this genre all more entertaining.

Suggestions for new stuff in a sequel (through power-ups or level-ups):
The ability to slow down or speed up on a track.
Timed or limited laser-heat buffer, so you can get away with getting hit(This is already present in the game, but not much use - you only see it when you pass a laser that 's about to switch off)

The ideas are mostly for time-attacks. On one hand, you can make it even more challenging - impossible to be done without them, on the other hand, they allow for error tolerance - Getting stuck on an out-of-sync laser when you're one jump away to complete a time-attack can be annoying.

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I like this game alot. There are mostly no things that would ruin this game lately. The sound is great and so are the puzzles and the sound of the game. The game is easy to understand and play. And the puzzles get more and more challenging. Although you could change small things like when you complete a level let the player skip the whole thing that they show if you achieved the time limit or how many stars you got.

Gameplay: 9/10
Sound: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Storytelling: 9/10
Novelty: 7/10
Risk and Reward: - (Game doesnt feature upgrades, extra's etc. so this will also not count in the review)
Imersion: 9/10 (Strategic imersion)
Harmony: 9/10
Learning: 8/10
Stars: 4.5

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Well programmed and addictive. Music was good too!


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"Hey, we're running out of energy! To decide who gets into the city, let's create a field of lasers and a giant electrically powered ball, add a bunch of blocks that beep when something hits them, and add a teleporter!"
The E.N.R. probably shouldn't have been let into the city.

The game itself was pretty good, even if the backstory was terrible. The puzzles were pretty damn intelligent.

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Brusi responds:

Well - the game doesn't take place in the actual world (not even the world that the game tells its story..).
It's the application that the government released to test your energy saving skills, not a real ball in lazer fields...

Cool idea, but the controls while completely simplistic were not as responsive as I was expect from something like this. It took some getting used to the delay to really mow this game down, but ultimately... I shouldn't have had to. So I give it a 2/5. Decent puzzler, but the latency is what ruins it, or I'd have rated at least a 3.

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Credits & Info

4.25 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2013
10:00 AM EDT
Action - Other