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Author Comments

Made for LudumDare26, the theme is Minimalism.

This is just a tribute to seven famous arcade games. Can you spot them all?

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this game is so boring

Waoh, What it was and what just happened? Oh, nevermind, I will, whether or not succeed in my adventure being about me writing such not so short review that might help explain all to everybody my true reason to rank "A" the game soo loow?!

Well, in fact I like it a bit, somehow, yet I can, I have no difficulty in seeing this exact thing, which is that the game author made it very imperfect soo bad, ah, I mean why there isn't even some information on how this game's story presents itself? Umm like there's no explanation of who You are in this game and what You should do, and what's Your final goal as well!!! Oh, any clue up for grab is placed just right in those "Author Comments". Alright, I do understand..
.. but still, it isn't vice versa, it's like almost nothing in game made in order to guide the player throughout. Not a single second of hesitation in thinking of that this game is actualy obviously kind of simply STUPID, and there's more. It teaches absolutely nothing about minimalism haha...
... very sucks.

Eh, it's really more to come.
I totaly would love to brag what else bothers me about this. So, after You make it quite far on winning "A" it comes to cause havoc in.. retarded kind of Arkanoid where.. eh *sigh*, WHERE YOU CANNOT LOOSE. Even thought You can't loose it, You should be able to, just exactly like in all the others, huh? And so the Arkanoid part can't be as minimalistic seriously aas.. CHEAP.

Now take 1 and a half amount of Stars out of 5. There where You don't give stars to rate I'm going to rate it 1! though. Surely deserves. Yes it does and dont' worry, infernet89 won't ever even care 'bout that. Uh, only to prevent questioning to him/herself if I'm up to spare some ADVICE - of course I can! Also, it can be minimal style and it's probably way more helpful than it may seem for You for the first time - it goes - TRY HARDER!

It was cool!

While lacking in polish, this game was pretty good. The minimalist style was good and befits the requirements for LD26, and the games were, on average, pretty well programmed. The "Snake" game made me cringe a bit, but it was alright. The transitions were good, and on the whole the game was excellent. I have no ideaa what the first one is though :p.

this barely works to the point where it stops actually stops working.. test your crap before you post it... also those "famous" games you're spouting about usually came with a Manual and If it was an arcade machine the instructions was literally on the machine, or in the "prologue" that shows while you're stuffing your coins in.

infernet89 responds:

Where it stopped working? Never happened to me or to any other player who commented this game. And I'm sure tetris was without any instruction, when it approached out of Russia.

Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2013
5:18 AM EDT
Action - Other