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College Off the Record 6

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College Off The Record Episode 6
J comes to some shocking realizations. How will he proceed with this new found knowledge.
Sorry for those who have seen this already. Last time I posted in the portal my submission got lost in some confusion. So I decided to try out the portal's new system. I changed some small things in case some who watched this before catches it again. Nothing major, not sure if its a good change or not, but it is a bit different. Hope you all enjoy it.

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Very well done!
It's nice to see people take to addressing issues that really don't get discussed out in the open. This kind of issue is usually discussed by friends out on a late night drive, talking about other life issues.
Really liked the animation and voice acting that were put into this piece!

My main question however, is where did you get the soundtrack for this piece? I really dug the music when Inner J was summoned! Can you tell me where to find it? Or even send me a link to a download for it? Appreciate it!

As a now sophmore in highschool, I can relate on some level on what you were going through, but at the same time I was pretty close to the same people I was always with so they kinda helped me through it. Really awesome animation, and I like how you tell stories. The only thing I felt was a bit awkward were the pauses after speaking. Some of them felt a bit too long, but I still really really enjoyed the animation!

I know life effects others differently, but it's funny to know people go through things like this in college, when I had to go through this in late middle, early high school.

12 years of education, 8 different schools. shit sucks.

CartoonCoffee responds:

I find it interesting how I thought I was alone in a lot of these situations, but turns out there are a lot more people who have similar experiences. This series is partially about connecting with those individuals. So thanks for the comment, I really appreciate it.

Dude that was intense, it really drew me in. The narrative is very interesting and the scene where his alter ego presents himself really abruptly and detaches the character (and the viewer) from reality very nicely. Well done!

CartoonCoffee responds:

Thank you, you really got what I was going for with this one.

I like the style, mouth animation needs work.

CartoonCoffee responds:

Agreed, I am definitely looking into this for future animations.