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****Guys. sorry the resolution on this is so wide. I know it breaks the nice Newgrounds website look, but scaling is messing up some of the pixel art. So it requires 1280x768 for now.****

Guide the crew of an about to expire space ship to the escape pods. Open and close doors and place direction tiles to help guide them!

This was my entry for the 27th Ludum Dare game jam 48 hour competition. The theme was, "10 Seconds".

My take on the 10 seconds theme was to use it as part of the underlying game loop mechanic. Every 10 seconds stuff happens. More crew wake up from stasis, the ship is going haywire, with doors opening and closing randomly, and you get random tiles you can use to help guide the crew. Tiles you place last 10 seconds.

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The game seems a bit harder than it should be. Honestly, I don't actually feel like I'm able to control anything but the doors, Which is rather frustrating when combined with the strange, Almost random walk path the AI takes. I noticed the floor panel controllers which you use to guide the AI with, But it doesn't seem to place where I click. For a 48 hour game, I want to say it seems fine, But I just can't bring myself to excuse most of the rather game-breaking problems.

Lose the Unity player crashes my computer.