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Break the TV

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Try and break the TV in this chain reaction puzzle game. You need to use every object to trigger a chain of events to break the TV at the end. A nice simple puzzle game focusing on sequence of events.

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ah man i just broke my own tv playing this XD

Eggy responds:


"sponsered"? Jesus Christ eggy it's on the loading screen.

Eggy responds:

Lol oops :D

Music sounds familiar :D
Funny game, I got stuck at a few lvls tho xd

tails broke my tv i broke his

Eggy responds:


I know Newgrounds has seen other games like this before (Dynamic Systems), and this certainly isn't the best recreation I've played. The graphics and sound are modest, and the gameplay feels in many ways somewhat uninspired. The different devices seem just a little too similar to me, what with the birds, cannons, and guns having almost the exact same functions.

What really bothered me, though, was how the puzzle element of the game played out. I beat a lot of levels just by having a few mechanisms triggering and shooting at nothing. Other times I noticed that something like a falling domino might trigger a bird but not a cannon. Inconsistencies like this gave the game depth but seemed pointless and didn't make a whole lot of sense.

I will give you a 7 because the physics worked quite well, and because I really enjoyed some of the level design, which was mostly well-done. I got 15 levels in before calling it quits - perhaps if you'd allowed players to play sets of four or five levels, unlocking another set after beating the majority of previous levels, it would have been less frustrating to get stuck.

Eggy responds:

Yeah you make good points, it was definitely not the most well executed game I've done. The game idea had some major flaws.

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4.10 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2013
11:52 PM EDT