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Battalion Commander

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Legion of Merit 10 Points

Rescue 100 allies

Meritorious Service Medal 10 Points

Kill 500 enemies

1st Lieutenant 25 Points

Achieve 1st Lieutenant rank

Bronze Star 25 Points

Complete 10 missions

Defense Superior Service Medal 25 Points

Collect 5000 gold

Distinguished Service Medal 50 Points

Ride 500 meters on the car in one game

Silver Star 50 Points

Finish Normal Mode

Colonel 100 Points

Achieve Colonel rank

Distinguished Service Cross 100 Points

Buy all the game upgrades

Medal of Honor 100 Points

Run 2000 meters in one game

Author Comments

Get armed to the teeth and fight your way through the enemy territory. You’ll need the help from your fellow soldiers trapped by the foe, ton of upgrades and mighty skills to survive.

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i love thats game


I'm conflicted on this. Yes, the game has great bullet hell aspects and the difficulty is pretty spot on, but I can't really say it a flawless experience.

The first issue I noticed is a minor one. Handling more than three of my silly dudes at a time proved far more awkward and unwieldy than I was hoping, as their permanent "V" shape made it downright impossible for them to survive for extended periods of time. This didn't actually affect the game's difficulty very much though, surprisingly. The only thing that was really affected by my nuggets dying was my OCD (I just HAVE to protect my bundles of joy, ya know?). As I said, this was an overall minuscule issue.

A far more glaring blemish, on the other hand, is the game's INITIAL PACING (I'm not talking about walking speed when I say this). At the start, there are obviously very few enemies, which is just a universally accepted fact in all these kinds of games. The problem starts with what you're actually DOING both whilst battling your enemies as well as while you're waiting for more of them to spawn. Keep in mind that the playstyle you're supposed to utilize at beginning is a rather passive one: you simply line up your pack of goobers with the ***really slow*** enemies, they die, you pick up the drops, repeat. This, paired up with the sheer LENGTH of the initial area, makes for monotonous, unfun gameplay, which drags on until you get the best upgrade in the game, A.K.A. the car.

Aside from those two flaws however, I consider the gameplay to be pretty decent all around, although the art could've used some polish, as it's really not up to IriySoft standards. The upgrades feel satisfying and significant (again, GOD BLESS THE CAR), and the final boss is challenging enough or me to be satisfied. 3.5/5. Decent, but I far prefer Band of Heroes

pure nostalgia

Challenging but fun

Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2013
4:02 PM EDT