SCP-682 (Claymation Short)

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They really were disgusting.


can someone make one about me scp-049 please.

I like that you used the audio clip from the actual website. The black and white also did a good job of masking the fact that you did this with Lego minifigures. My only real issue here is that there should be just a little more movement. Maybe add in very small animations, such as someone shifting from foot to foot, or even taking multiple images of your models in the same position, as the image will come out a little different.

Last, if you want this to have a really good security camera effect, have little staticy lines slowly pan down over the screen. It'll make the animation look a LOT more authentic, and won't even require much animation on your part.

This isn't great, but I gotta admit, I find it hard to dislike. The voice acting of the two guys was only decent, and the animation was very basic with haphazard-looking models, but I really love your rendition (I'm assuming you created the audio) of 682's voice, which is probably the best I've ever heard. He sounds very robotic and droning, completely inhuman, and scary as hell!

I probably wouldn't have enjoyed this as much if I wasn't an SCP fan, but damn it, I am, and I really liked this short! So good for you!

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Interesting, yet it sadly had some minor scuffs in it. The audio was a bit half and half and the duration was a bit too short for me. But the concept was neat in its self since its a montage to anything and everything SCP related. And for a brief moment it kind of reminded me of Knox's earlier claymation shorts from back in NG's earlier heydays. I'm going to give you a fair score friend. A solid 3/5 and a 3/5 in voting power. I wish you luck on your many future shorts on here and keep focusing and bettering your prowess! I hope you have enjoyed this review and have a great day!

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JamesBloody responds:


nice work. very clean

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Aug 22, 2013
11:12 PM EDT