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Wild West The Sheriff

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Game Boy Jam game that uses game boy restrictions. It's a western platform game, where you play as a sheriff of the town. Your mission is to capture all the bad bandits in the land and bring them to justice.

Controls :

Left & Right Arrow - Movement
Up Arrow - Enter sheriff place
Z - Jump
X - Dash/Run

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Music by Scott Hitchcock :

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Good music.
Great nostalgic art.
Great nostalgic game in general.
I wish I would've known about this GameBoyJam.

Great nostalgic game. Keep on going;)

Really good game, thoroughly enjoyed playing it! Took me back to the old days.

Nice graphics, nice game play and is exactly the kind of game you would own for the Game Boy!

deadpixelteam responds:

Thanks SkirraCorvus. This kind of comments keep me motivated to create more games, thank you very much :)

it is a good game but there some problems, First you die to easily put in a health bar, Second you should be able to tie up more bandits once you have one tied up, It would star getting boring going back and fourth to a bandit that you see but cant get yet, Third make a animation for this character dashing so we will be able to tell if he is dashing or not, Fourth don't make the bandits run when they first see you it could cost a lot of annoying deaths, its a good game but it could be ALOT more better.

deadpixelteam responds:

Thanks for suggestions blackmanfast. First of all it's a game Boy Jam game, so I didn't have a lot of time to refine the game. Game is small , just 10 levels, so I wanted the sheriff to go for each bandit, to prolong the gameplay and I didn't want it to be like Offspring fling by Kyle Pulver, though I like his game. You know when the sheriff runs/dashs as the animation speeds up and if on floor, there's smoke suggesting that. And for bandits dashing and all bandits in general, I wanted them to be difficult, as the games in that era were very hard to play.

Thanks for reply and I hope I'll create better game next time :)

Great game,very fun to play,controls are good,music and difficulty is good too.I really like to play games with pixel graphics like this.Make more!

deadpixelteam responds:

Thanks for nice review bossjp. It's still a small game as it made for GameBoy Jam. I'm making new pixel art game called R.O.B.O. , homage to Megaman. You can look it up here : http://www.deadpixelteam.com/blog/