Plunder Squad

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Plunder Squad is a top down shooting game. The game has 5 floors, with each floor having many battle rooms. Lead your Plunder Squad into the temple, pillaging whatever precious items you can while taking on the temple's defences! Watch out though, the temple is quite the tricky maze, with foes of all kinds filling its many treasure-filled dungeons. If you keep your weapons upgraded, and make good use of the checkpoints however, you might just get by - but it won't be easy!


cool game!!111

So here are my two cents:

I loved this game, it is a concept that has been done before, but so what, most games have been done before in one way or another. I thought that you pulled it off well and to a high standard.

I liked the 8-bit look, I felt it added to the flavour of the game and I found myself looking for shapes in the floor tiles a bit like cloud watching.

The first run through saw plenty of action and heated fire fights that kept me entertained for the good hour maybe hour and a half it took to complete the game.

Whilst the grinding was annoying, it is a necessity for these types of games.

As the enemies became greater in number and especially when the flamers started attacking, the lag became greater and greater, at times unbearable and un-playable! But a simple refresh of the browser fixed this problem and I was right back in the action!

I felt the music was rather repetitive, maybe different music for each of the different levels?

The second playthrough I did in 15 minutes flat since the maps I drew out were the same, could I suggest then that since you have a set of pre-made rooms, randomise them on each level so that the path and key location and gate location are always changing with respect to each other? Maybe set a condition that level one is a random selection of 5 rooms and level two is a random selection of 10 etc etc ?

On the second playthrough I didn't like that the bosses were no longer at the end of each level and that the gates were already unlocked -- was there even a change to the difficulty level, it seemed noticeably easier if anything?

When you clear a room, I think that the enemies should return along with the crates when you leave, but that the doors stay open once they are unlocked?

I didn't like the Fog advertisement at the bottom ... this is newgrounds, so just out of courtesy I feel this should only appear when the game is paused?

For anyone playing through, I would highly suggest focussing on the tank upgrades (range, speed, armour ...) and the first two weapons (railgun and cluster). As with these, the rest is just how fast are your fingers on the keyboard and reacting to the enemy.

All in all a great game in my opinion!

All the best in the future.


Good idea but this type of game has been done before (except using something other than a tank to move around). It is very slow process to build up money and to move from place to place. And it is a little annoying to me to have to fight enemies over and over and over even if I clear a room, exit it, then go back and the enemies are back in there.

Reminds me of a similar game, but the other one isn't 8-bit, anyways, great game

this game is grat, it looks like you made a big effort in doing it but man, it lags like hell when i exit the shop and the song gets repetitive after 2 minutes.

but, your biggest flaw, the elephant ith e room for this game, was that ANNOYNG, NEVER ENDING FOG GAMES LOGO AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN!!
this is NEWGRONDS not FOG ok?
please fix this and it will be a 4/5 game for me

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3.11 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2013
7:41 AM EDT
Strategy - Artillery