Ninja vs Aliens

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Author Comments

You are a Ninja in a very strange place, there are full of aliens! Can you survive the restless creatures attack?

This is a turn-based game. You may move one square or take an action in each turn. After your move, the aliens will all move.

The aliens will always move toward you. If two or more aliens move to the same square, they crash. They will be destroyed and leave a heap of toxic wreckage behind.

If any alien runs into a toxic heap, it will also be killed.

If you run into an alien or a toxic heap, or if an alien catches you, you are dead.

When all the aliens are dead, you advance to the next level.

You only need a mouse to control:

Move: You can move into eight directions if there is an empty space.

Rest: You can rest in the same place. (Mouse click on the Ninja)

Zap: All aliens in any of the eight squares adjacent to you will be destroyed. You will get one more Zap for each level.

Teleport: You will be randomly teleport to a new square, you will be teleported to a square with no immediate danger if possible. You can get addition Teleport by killing groups of aliens in the same turn.

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Interesting game play, but there are a few problems. First, but this problem has appeared for me the last few weeks with Newgrounds, is that i can't see the whole game in newgrounds window. But like i said, probably a problem on newgrounds.
The game itself is fine, but like another person here said, the graphics need an improvement. Some story would be nice too, since you went out of your way to create a ninja and "aliens", even if it is a silly story with comedy, at least something.

I even read the how to play thing.. i still don't understand and still die.. but its a pretty well thought out game.. but the ZAP doesn't do anything and the Teleporting should be more then one freaking square.. JUST so you know..

TRY AGAIN.. you'd make good games if you thought it out a bit more.

bonep responds:


btw, ZAP kills aliens around the player ^^

It took a while to figure out, but the gameplay itself was pretty fun and challenging. Had to knock off a couple of points for the style (especially, the Comic Sans). With a facelift, this could be a marketable game.

bonep responds:

Got it! Thanks for the comments.

Credits & Info

2.33 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2013
9:44 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other