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How a thunderstorm works

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After decades of research I finally managed to discover the mysteries of a thunderstorm.

Music used in this video:
Nichijou - Short Thoughts
"Morgenstimmung" by Edvard Grieg


( poor cloud man ) This was pretty cute, but it made me laugh. Wich by the way is a PERFECT combo to me! The only thig I didn't like was the animation could of been better. But, other than that it was great! Keep up the good work!

Unusual choise of sound effects but still gave me a good chuckle. 3 stars

For some reason, really dumb jokes are suddenly a lot funnier when cartoon clouds are doing it. Like, if these were people, a simple fart joke wouldn't be funny at all. But when it's a freaking cloud, that GROWS A BUTT so it can fart, it's so absurd that it's hysterical! Also: for some reason, I found it really funny that they had shadows on the sky. They're in the middle of the sky, why are they casting a shadow? Even if it was just a mistake or something, it actually turned out pretty well!

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4.28 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2013
6:29 PM EDT
Comedy - Original