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GameGrumps animated Crack

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Some good animation. But he was saying "crag," not "crack"

What episode of game grumps is this from?

Rating is for the second part, by the way, looked awesome. First part was decent

DocJoshimitsu responds:

its in the discripion now

It's quite depressing that you have had to use such shoddy animation to premote somthing that looks soooooooooooooo epic :)
keep up the good work. <3 :)
(not the bad. please.)

DocJoshimitsu responds:

Thanks! I guess I'm better at stop motion than 2d animation

the only reason im giving this 5 stars is for the quality surge for your shortfilm -.-;a

...ok, well I am not exactly sure what I just watched there. It says this is a parody and apparently it is lost on me. I must not have seen whatever it is this is Parodying. The graphics were mediocre in the first part of the video and the second part, while much better, made me feel like I was watching a commercial for something else. In all actuality, I personally feel like the only reason this was even uploaded, was to be a commercial for the other thing the autor is working on. I'm giving you one cause while the point of this is lost on me, you did clearly put some work into it.

DocJoshimitsu responds:

thanks for your comment! yes the "second part" is a commercial for something else and I guess you don't know what gamegrumps is so I can understand that you dont see a point in the "first part".