Last Legacy

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Beat Level One 5 Points

Beat the first level, Valtameri

Collect 200 Squares 5 Points

Collect 200 Squares in a single level and then complete the level

Collect 3 Large Squares 10 Points

Collect 3 Large Squares in a single level, and then complete the level

Beat Story Mode 50 Points

Beat all 6 levels

Collect all 18 Large Squares 100 Points

Collect all 18 Large Squares

Author Comments

Low quality has been set to default, if you prefer to see the game with better graphics, change it to medium or higher.

Note: You may experience problems running this game in Chrome. It is recommended you use a browser other than Chrome or a low quality setting.

The protagonist is a locally known hero who can use magic to add or remove matter around him. His mission is to fight off the recently appearing shadow creatures that are terrorizing the land. Use your magic powers to aid you in your journey and vanquish the shadow creatures for good!

All content in this game is designed by Runouw.

-Design: Robert Hewitt, Steven Hewitt
-Programming: Robert Hewitt
-Menu Programming: Steven Hewitt, Robert Hewitt
-Artwork: Steven Hewitt
-Music & Sounds: Steven Hewitt

-edit 8/23/2013 updated level 1, fixed a few glitches and improved title screen graphics while on low quality.

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itts very good the tipe of game of sperrance :D

Alight, Mr. NeonSpider, I think you're a dummy. You apparently didn't listen at all to the Delta tutorial in the tower, since you forgot you had a radius around this mysterious glowy orb thing at the end of the stage that is essentially a level editor. All you gotta do is take the orb back to the portal and delete the barrier around it. The only way I can see you failing to figure that out is if you never realized you could delete preexisting tiles in Delta mode, which the game doesn't outright teach you, but that's simple enough to figure out especially when you have to do it to pass through the stage after the tower. I really have no idea how you could get so stuck on this first stage.

As for my thoughts on it, it was pretty good for a 20143 Flash game. Maybe the combat mechanics could be more fleshed out and the Delta mechanic be used in more inventive and fast-paced ways, but it was alright. 4 stars, good effort.

I'm not able to read anything

It's well-made and everything, but in the very first stage you will dead-end with no obvious means of how to proceed. And it's after you've gone through until what feels like the end of the stage, and it even tells you enter this portal thing to clear the stage, except game trolls you there because you can't.

So continue on to the right, and you go over a cliff that is too high to return from. You fight a knight type mini-boss. And finally you end up at the far right with just yep pure dead end as far as I can tell. You can get some of those triangle (the game calls them "squares") things but there's no way to proceed from there that I see.

I'm sure there's a way to do it as many people have done so, according to the number of people who have the medal for clearing stage 1, but you really shouldn't make your very first level arcane as hell to the point it can't reasonably be figured out without some walkthrough of some sort which I haven't checked if there is a walkthrough for this game or not yet, but I presume there probably is and that may be the only way people are even clearing that stage.

Credits & Info

4.38 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2013
2:54 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other