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Metropolis Mayhem

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Note: Please use 360p for more reliable playback.

The sequel to Seaside Denied is finally available for internet viewing!

As with last year's project, Metropolis Mayhem was created for the "Summer of Sonic" Convention in 2013. Recorderdude wrote the lyrics and directed the majority of the scenes, while animation was handled by 792Ashman (Team Sonic), Whitesonic (Team Dark), RGX (Team Rose), TheWax (Team Chaotix) and KaDoYuu (Credits Sequence). We had over 12 different voice actors this time around, as well as background artists, musical composers and audio mixers (Special thanks to Dr. Mack Foxx for compiling all of the scenes - it wasn't easy!) The project in total took six months to complete. We all hope that you enjoy this presentation, and remember, you've got to flip the turtles.

For those who have not watched Summer of Sonic this year, Volume 8 has been completed and will be uploaded soon, so please don't ask about it.

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this is very nostalgic

this video change my life

i wish they have a part 2 because i wanna see how they look

is your name big cuz your thicc
i think its cus he has a real big-

Shadow was wearing girl dresses in the fight!!!XD

second press the r button to destroy omochao I SPAMMED IT