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Evil Forest

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The Kingdom of Etheari is in need of a hero to unravel the mystery of a magical Evil Forest and to stop whatever is behind the cause of its existence.

Evil Forest is a randomly generated action RPG where every play-through will be a new experience. Over 60 different items, weapons, spells, armor, companions etc to discover. 5 Bosses! A detailed game journal, a wide variety of evil creatures to fight!


ARROW KEYS to move
UP to jump
Press UP again while in the air to double-jump
A - attack
S - magic attack
D - interact/pick-up
SPACEBAR - use item

The controls can be changed for WASD in the game.

NOTICE: Anyone is free to make videos of my games. Sharing video game experiences with others is really nice. It gives me some exposure while the people who make the videos get something back in return. I fully support the monetisation of any video you make containing footage from my games. As long as you don’t claim to be the creator of my games, it’s all good! Throwing my name, SeethingSwarm, as the creator into the description or into the video itself is also always appreciated.

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One of my fav childhood games ;(
still love it!

That was awesome. Short, but awesome.
Some combinations of items/pets/spells break the balance a bit and make the game so much simpler. But I like it.
I wish there was an endless mode, where I could collect them all. Or ability to start with all the items after winning the game. It's not easy to find that scroll.
Thank you for the game.

P.S. I liked that on my first walkthrough I looked almost exactly like the final boss. :)
P.P.S. Music reminded me of another cool game called meritous.

This is one of my favorite flash games. The different equipment options make the game worth replaying without being so complex as to require a walk through to optimize. I noticed that it is possible to defeat the necromancer without destroying the crystal and it seems like a missed opportunity to not have a second ending where the player either is corrupted by the crystal or uses it for something else, but I might have missed something. Regardless it is a wonderful game.

I played until the end

SeethingSwarm responds:

Nice :) and thanks!

Really enjoyed this game! Reminded me a bit of The Binding Of Issac. :D

SeethingSwarm responds:

Glad you liked it! And yeah, one of the inspirations for Evil Forest is actually The Binding Of Isaac. There are even a couple of isaac references in there. I'm a huge fan :P Thanks for the kind words and the nice score!