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component organization and recycling enterprise. an artificial planet inhabited by cyborg creatures dependent on E-waste from other planets
Play as one of these creatures.
collect materials and fill your quota for the day.
defeat fellow cyborgs to claim their parts and break down materials further for more points.

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Might want to focus on actually creating the game before releasing it. Allow me to explain:

For one thing, the music obviously doesn't loop properly. You already know this, but I'm using it as a valid point because you shouldn't have released the game if something as noticeable and annoying as this existed in your game. On the bright side, the music sounds really nice, and it would fit very well if you got it working.

The tutorial is absolutely ridiculous. When you walk into a class, the teacher doesn't teach everything they will be teaching that year in the span of an hour. You're introducing your player to a ridiculous amount of important material very quickly. The player does not have the capability of memorizing all that stuff, much less have the patience to read a whole bunch of text on the screen. I guarantee you that most players either left the game before they had the chance to finish the tutorial. Even I skipped most of the tutorial.

I played the game for about ten seconds before the game just froze. I don't know what happened, but I went to go fight an enemy and the second I hit "Z" the game froze. You cannot possibly release a game this buggy and expect people to play it and love it.

Also, while the graphics are really nice, they don't work well. For example, the acid puddle doesn't work right. It works more like a wall. Go back through the tutorial and check for yourself. In the end, it just makes for some dissatisfying graphics.

While you're bringing me a pretty broken game, it's a game that can easily be repaired. With some work, you could have a great game in the works here. Keep working on this game, however, don't try to do anything else with it until you can bring us a major update that fixes most of the major flaws and allows for an actual playable game. If it's possible, keep me updated on this. I cannot wait to see the direction this game goes.

Apocalypse iPad

To be perfectly frank, I didn't finish the tutorial. The art looks decent, but the fact that the music loops at an off beat point in the track REALLY drives me crazy. And I cannot find any type of mute button with which to change it. That said, if the music were fixed, I'd be all in on trying to finish this game.

kcazingy responds:

The bgm is supposed to be 3 minutes then loop and when I play it on my desktop as an swf it doesn't loop randomly like it does in browser, and I have no idea why its doing that or how to fix it. I am working on adding in more animations so you can see where your going to hit, and I want to add a lot more plot to the game aside from the basic premise. Im sad that the music bugged you so much, but I am working on fixing it. Thanks for the feedback

Nice concept and nice artwork... a pity the execution was far from what it could have been. This game has LOTS of potential. I mean it. Still, gameplay is dull, the fighting system is bad and the mechanics are flawed. Should you wish to polish the gameplay and thicken the plot, I'm sure this would be a big hit.

Keep up. :)

OMG .........it's a pop tart