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Dream Escape Part 1

rated 2.67 / 5 stars
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Aug 18, 2013 | 10:04 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Elan is trapped in a dream world and needs to get out. Move your way through the game.
Type in what you want to do. Press the UP ARROW key or "ENTER" for submitting text, and press "SHIFT" or "BACKSPACE" to backspace.

IMPORTANT! Make sure that you don't stray away from the game if you want to press BACKSPACE, or else the whole page might go back!!

Type "T" or "TUT" or "INSTRUCTIONS" to see the game tutorial on the game. Let me know if there's bugs.
If you're stuck, type "H" or "HELP" or "HINT" to see what else can be done in your current area.

I'll put the instructions here as well:
Type only "T" or "TUT" to view the in-game instructions.

Type only "H" or "HELP" or "HINT" to view any other options if you feel that you're stuck.

Use LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys to walk.

When you want to interact with things, type in what you want to do, then press UP ARROW key or ENTER. You need to be close enough to certain things to interact with them.

The most common and useful commands you can use are "LOOK" or "LOOK AT ...", "TAKE ...", and "USE".

Type "I" or "ITEMS" to look at your inventory. Press UP ARROW key or ENTER to close it out when done.

Type "M" or "MUSIC" to ditch or bring the music.

Type "S" or "SAVE" to save your data, when the save button is yellow.

Type "L" or "LOAD" to load your data - this can be done anywhere.

Important: When saving and loading data, type 1 - 5, or "BACK."
1-5 is for the files - you can conveniently name them.
BACK is if you have a change of mind and just want to go back.

Type "SHOW" or "HIDE" to show or hide the top menu.

Type "Q" or "QUIT" to quit.

One more thing - this game is keyboard only - no mouse.



Rated 2 / 5 stars

Okay, up for enter and shift for backspace? Why oh why would you ever have any desire to do this? Maybe there is some reason, but I didn't play long enough to find out. Typing the commands is fine, and this might be tolerable if you type with two fingers, I just don't see any reason to find out if I have to type something, stop, move over, hit the arrow key, then move back, type something else, move over, hit arrow.... you get the idea. You could have at least let enter and backspace function normally.

In light of the fact that I didn't play past entering the door do to the controls, I can't really judge anything except the controls and, well that is enough for me to pass on the rest.

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marshmellows responds:

Alright, I can put those in there if you want, then you can find out for yourself why enter and backspace is not there as the default. :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I really like the concept, I love text based games, and I love how you try to combine that with an adventure game, however, sometimes it may be very frustrating, because there are multiple ways of phrasing something, especially if you're not even sure you can do it, so you might want to create some kind of guide which the player can ask for possible commands concerning a certain object, so it doesn't become a guessing game, a bit like an in-game walktrough, which will guide you if you're desperate, but it'll only inform you about the area you're in, or something like that

anyways, nice game
though you might want to improve it by adding nicer music, better guidance in how to play (without the description, I'd still be stuck in the first screen, because I had no clue how to progress, because the up as action button is explained later, when you already had to use it), and in-game help for when you're stuck
I like the graphics and concept
for now 3.5 stars, and rating of 3 (can't do half's for that, and if I round, I round down), try to improve for better star/rating
I'd love to see more though!

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marshmellows responds:

Thanks for the detailed review, CupCakeLoverLover95. I can have a guide for the user of all possible commands and a help command for it the user gets stuck. I can change the music as well.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I like the idea of this game, like in the old dos days, but the problem with this is, that u have to write the exact commands... Its not enough to only write "use key with door" or smtgh like that... At this point its really frustrating, when all u got as respond is "what should I do next?".
After about 10 tries how to write the command down i gave up... I guess I would have loved the game :(

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marshmellows responds:

Thanks for the heads up DNCore. That was actually something I forgot to put in there - it's in every other level, but I just forgot it in this level. I fixed the game where it's missing, though. Thanks for the bug report.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is kind of a cool game. It's a little annoying how you have to find the right word, given you might have a large vocabulary. The music gets a little annoying after a while, but the art makes up for it. The writing is pretty good too. I thought it was interesting that you made the controls different from most games.

Overall: It's a little annoying in a few spots, but it's pretty cool.

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marshmellows responds:

Thanks, Reztak. I'm no musician and did the music myself - I plan to get it somewhere else for the update. In the game help section by typing just "h" or "help", you can see that you can turn it off by pressing "m" or "music" only. As for the vocabulary, I probably can make it one or two letters longer without making the code two bulky. Thanks, though.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Uh, instructions would be great. Can't click on anything. Not even the help.

marshmellows responds:

I take it you didn't read much about the game. I believe you just went to this game, skipped right over the instructions, and decided you didn't like it. I developed this game for people who want to read and type, because reading and typing is all throughout the game. Thanks, though. I plan to update this stating that this is a keyboard only game. No offense to you.