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The van Dam

rated 1.95 / 5 stars
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Aug 18, 2013 | 8:20 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is the van Dam.
A little short story made for van Dam jam in the crippling tiredness after a night out on early sunday morning. Made in like 2-3 hours using twine.
Amazing tool.
Anyways, don't take it too seriously.
Some notes: van Dam is a god.
That is all.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Man, it says clearly "van Dame is unpredictable" So, why it is a surprise that when you push one button, it jumps to the opposite? Don't know if it's a great game, but at least made me read all of the story and laugh a couple times. Great work.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

TWINE is a good tool. However, it is not necessary to use Flash with Twine, or visa versa. There are better places to post a story like this. Also, it seems to be broken in some places. "Return to the beginning" never seems to work, it just takes you to the same page. Also, I'm not sure if it is intentional, but the first choice "what is Van Dam to you", the choices seem to lead to the opposite page as would be expected.

makehimanoffer responds:

The opposite choices is because van dam is unpredictable and to try and predict him is foolish as he will do the opposite. I agree about the "better places to post a story " thing. I just like newgrounds for holding my stuff. plus, wasn't even sure it would work like a html5 archive. pleasantly surprised


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ahah! What a twist! I like this game! Awesome! xD


Rated 0 / 5 stars

I'm not sure what this is meant to be, but it's kind of buggy
first of all, clicking the awesome/murderous takes me to the shy, while the shy takes me to the awesome/murderous
second, if I start the story (awesome/muredrous, though by clicking shy, and then start the story),
I can only read a part of a text, I can read the following:

Now let's see. Where does it begin? Where does it end? Noone knows with the mystical van Dam. Where it begins is where it ends with van Dam. And where is that? Don't fucking push the wonderful van Dam. We'll get to the point eventually.

And so we begin with the end:
In the cold dank atmosphere that is the common alleyway, home to a wretched gathering of scum and villainy on some occasions, there lies van Dam. He lies in pain, blood soaking into his suit and coat, hat tossed aside on the ground. Clearly a victim of some form of gun violence. But he is not alone in this alley. His life flashes before his eyes as he lies in that alley. A child rushes over to him, the child clearly know him. The child is his "
that's probably not what it's meant to do, so I'm not going to give it any stars, because I can't properly rate it, because I can't even get to the game element (and if there is no game element, it shouldn't be in the games section in the first place)

good luck fixing the bugs! :)

makehimanoffer responds:

Shit. Didn't know there was an issue with reading. fuck man. sorry.

Made the viewport bigger. Which basically amounts to and fixes the issue you're talking about


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars