You Have To Eat

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You Have To Eat The Other Guy's Poop: A Stealth Game.

It's a stealth game, where you and other players are dropped into a forest, your tummy constantly draining and your butt constantly filling.
You have to eat mushrooms around the floor (by crawling over them) to stop your tummy from emptying all the way- but also keep track of your butt! You have to poop, periodically, to empty your butt.
While looking for mushrooms, you should also listen out for other players. Where could they be? Hear their footsteps! Where-ever there's other guy's butt: other guy's poop is sure to be close-by. You Have To Eat The Other Guy's Poop.
This is how you win the game.

If this is every player's objective, then surely there are people out their after YOUR OWN POOP! This is correct. Be tactful and cautious about where you poop, as what comes out of your butt is this game's most valuable resource. Are other players near by? Can you hear their sneaky footsteps? Is it safe?


Move with WASD
Sprint quickly with the left mouse
Sneak silently with the right mouse
Sneak over mushrooms to eat
You have to eat the other guy’s poop
Poop with the space bar
Don’t Starve.

This is a sneaking mission: Use headphones to listen out for poops.

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Sneaking doesn't work with a mac, and it seems like no one wants to play because of the whole unity download thing... Seems like a fun hunter/hunted concept though!

very good game but loading can be quicker ;)

Great game, but where is everybody? I am all alone! Also, it does get stuck on the instruction screen sometimes, and I have to refresh the page; that is annoying. And sometimes when I make a really big poop I get launched sky-hi, not sure if that is a bug or on purpose. Post it on more sights or something, or hook up with OMGpop so that more people will play!

I-smel responds:

That was a glitch, but I kept it in cos it's fun to see the whole map.

You have to sneak and do a poop with +75% of ur butt.

I completely love this game! Its everything i ever wanted.

levels could be smaller. Contrast could be better. Controls should be a little different. I

This makes poop look good LOL

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2.53 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2013
4:42 PM EDT
Skill - Other