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Test 442

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Author Comments

You play as a robot in a test facility that has been invaded by a virus. With 14 levels, this game is the best (iv'e done so far.)


you might want to fix the fact that you have to push yourself against the door and JUMP to get into the next level, and i would like if there was an actual bossfight and some kind of ending. Apart from that, great game!

Honestly i can see that this game has great potential, one thing I can rave about is the tight controls. Though much is still in progress I still liked it. My only real complaint is that the music sort of sounds like a "cluster fuck".

This was game was ok the music glitches out and gets kinda overwhelming really quick.
Also aside from the second level (it being premade and all) the level design was really good, and for an early game its not bad. One last thing if you jump before entering the first door there is a glitch where a second robot appears at the top of the screen. Yet again good job cant wait to see more from you.

Wow, that was quick! Didn't expect to see a game from you so quickly. Was this the game you were referring to before that wanted me to test?

The music was a nice touch and sounded good, but for some reason during the game, it began playing again while it was already playing, overlapping each other and making it very annoying. I had to mute it while writing this. A few other problems.
- You have to jump when you are next to the door to enter it.
- If there is no ceiling or walls and your character goes off screen in the slightest,and you jump into it, you will restart.
- On the second level after the title screen, the character will appear in the upper left corner in the black and you will restart the level. This has so far happened ever time I entered the level.
- On the jungle level, there is an invisible object that blocked me.
- An ending screen would be nice, but this is a test so it is okay.

Things I liked
- Being able to control your jumping height by how long you hold jump. The smoothness of the character's movement.
- The background art when you go back in time was good. Did you make that?
- Some of the jumps were a little difficult so those were good. They challenge the player in skill.
- Thank you for explaining what is going on in the game under Author Comment.

You probably already know about all the problems I'd mention, but I thought I'd bring them up just in case loading it to newgrounds caused the problems. This is indeed an improvement. Very good job.

Similar to the review below, not to sound repetitive or overly critical...but the music is very annoying with the stacking and seems to get louder with no mute button. The keys stick in one direction long after they are pressed, the wall could simply be bordered instead of making you repeat for going too far, and why is there no menu or level select button? Am I just stupid and missing this stuff or is it lacking that much? if this were to be tweaked in just a few ways it could be a very nice game

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Credits & Info

1.80 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2013
3:39 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle