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You play as a robot in a test facility that has been invaded by a virus. With 14 levels, this game is the best (iv'e done so far.)

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Juuuust me again. I really don't know what to say, because your seb games are exactly like this one. So really, just about everything I said there can be said here, the only this is that the player sprite is not so unsightly, since you did make it yourself. Everything else is completely the same, in fact I feel like you used the same collision size for the seb games, which now explains why you have it that I can have my character floating like I am still on a block and I am not. It was not because you sucked at making the collision size, it is because you are lazy. Which is even worse. I would ask "Do you even play test through these games?" but I know you had to because on the first two of these terrible games, you had a jump that you had be to pixels from falling off of a cliff to make a jump. Which in the seb games made it more ridiculous because due to your laziness, the character HAD to show the player that you made a terrible collision size for the player. So you did actually playtest them, you just did a really terrible job at thinking on how it would look to people who did create it. Which ended up being terrible.

In the seb games, I took note that I was able to do some kind of "wall jump" even though it was never said that you could, so I said it was most likely a glitch. After playing your first game that used a stick figure that could not have been yours, it actually indicated that you could wall jump, so I was thinking maybe it was a secret function that you added, which, if it was true, I could really respect. But then I played this one, and a tank wall jumping? Nope, that made me sure it was not a secret function, that even though you aren't exactly aiming for realism with your idle-moving sprite of a tank that can jump five times its height without any indication it is using some kind of technology for that, I am in serious doubt you placed a secret function like that for a tank.
There is also the bit of a fact that you had to press Up to go through the door, this problem is pretty minor, it does not take much to guess pressing up will have you go through the door, but somewhere on telling the player is a necessity.

And then the music, it did not take long before I had to mute my computer so that the poorly-looped music didn't not make it sound like I was grinding some metal on a grindstone.
Also, the lack of a screen saying something like "you won! Replay this game? Haha just kidding, why would you want to replay other than to see if this was not just some nightmare?!?"

This is how your games have been going:
1) (Stick Jumper) Decent stick figure, decent platform and background graphics, lack of game goals whatsoever, terrible everything else.
2) (Test 442) Decent single sprite of the player because it was from another game, terrible everything else about the character, actual somewhat goal, decent backgrounds I suppose, unstable music, terrible gaming experience, terrible everything else.
3) (Seb's Adventure) Just about the same as the one before, but even worse. Excluding the fact that the music was not unstable like Test 442, touching the door made you go to the next level, and there was actually an end screen. The single sprite of the player was atrocious. ET from the Atari is the good-looking brother for this one. The sprite's feet does not even touch the ground, the sprite can appear to be floating due to the collision of the sprite I already mentioned, the burger is not recognizable as a burger, and some other things I can not remember off the top of my head.
4) (Seb's Adventure 2) THE SAME AS BEFORE EXCEPT EVEN WORSE. AGAIN. The SINGLE sprite's legs were even further away from the ground, he would appear to be floating more because the sprite is smaller, but the collision size is the same for the tank and the previous game's person. And it is even easier than the previous ones, somehow.

From your first game to your fourth, in what I believe your games deserve you went from 1 star rating (Stick Jumper) , to .5 rating (Test 442) , to 0 rating (Seb's Adventure) , to "Why did you even post this?" (Seb's Adventure 2).
It should have been the other way around, you are suppose to learn new things, and master the things you already know when you make more and more games. You just grew lazier and lazier, it is atrocious. Really.
Don't think I am saying you should give up on being a game designer or anything like that.
Even though you are 10, it doesn't mean that your terrible games should stay on newgrounds. You being young should NEVER change the reviewers strictness, it should any change to amount of profanity used in the review.
But, because you are 10, it means you have a lot more time to learn and become much better than anyone older.

Instead of having the community of newgrounds test out your games you just whip out, have people you actually know give their honest opinions to tell you the many flaws of your games so you can retry until you make a game that actually deserves a 1.6 star at the least.
You probably won't listen to this, so you know, brace yourself for me for your next "game".

sebastian4ester responds:


so bad glitch level 8 teleported to place where could not move at all and it KEPT ON HAPPENING

Similar to the review below, not to sound repetitive or overly critical...but the music is very annoying with the stacking and seems to get louder with no mute button. The keys stick in one direction long after they are pressed, the wall could simply be bordered instead of making you repeat for going too far, and why is there no menu or level select button? Am I just stupid and missing this stuff or is it lacking that much? if this were to be tweaked in just a few ways it could be a very nice game

Just a bad review passing through.

...No, I wouldn't actually do that. Let me explain.

The music loops while still playing, causing it to layer over itself and become a pain to listen to. Try coding it better and it'll become a lot better.

For some reason you could hit invisible walls and gaps without falling. I don't know what was up with that, but there was no explanation for it so I have to assume it's a glitch. Speaking of glitches, you could stand on the doorway and on the second level there was another robot that acted like a Gigabuddy when moving until it randomly died, so I don't know what that was about. There seemed to be some kind of miniboss in the middle of the game, but after a couple of frames it apparently decided to flat out leave the game and I never saw it again. What even was that thing anyway? What was its point?! Finally, if I touched a wall and jumped, I'd find myself careening in the opposite direction for no reason whatsoever. Out of all glitches, this was the funniest and the most helpful, but it's still a coding error so I must mention it. From all this, I get the feeling you hadn't tested this game properly. That's a shame, because it had potential and I could tell you'd put effort into it.

So yeah, try again when you learn to properly playtest your games. I look forward to what you make when you do so.

Honestly i can see that this game has great potential, one thing I can rave about is the tight controls. Though much is still in progress I still liked it. My only real complaint is that the music sort of sounds like a "cluster fuck".

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1.65 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2013
3:39 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle