Torque Revo

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Blast everything to pieces!! Play as a Helicopter Pilot and fight against other pilots inside the Rotor Arena! Customize and upgrade your helicopter with different parts to suit your own play style. May the best pilot win!!

- 15 levels of action

- 3 epic boss fights

- Tons of upgrades and combinations

- Challenging achievements

- Easy-to-master controls


good game, i like the mechanics of it.

Not a bad game. Does a nice job with the upgrade system and how it makes you feel strong once you start buying things. At times it feels like you are mindlessly driving your helicopter around. Still, nice distraction and an okay game.

Great game.

You gave a tutorial even though the control was simplistic however I liked the control of the game; it felt like it was easier to use the mouse rather than the keyboard. The art was fantastic and it fit in with the gameplay nicely.

As for the level design the screen was a little small but you can still see where the enemies are with the red arrow. The music was really nice but a bit repetitive. The game was bug free as far as I saw. There were a nice variety of enemies in this game and it kept me interested.

Uniqueness was okay for this kind of game; not to much you can be unique with this kind of game though. This game really needed a story; doesn't even have to be a long story just let me know why I'm shooting people.

Finally I had a few issues with the game itself; you get too much money and can get all the upgrades after your first boss fight...maybe even before that. I also feel like there was a huge difficulty spike around day 13; before then I was destroying things with ease then on day 13 I just kept dying pretty easily. Even though it helped me get through day 13 and onwards there was no punishment for dying except waiting for a few seconds and even more it resupplied me with missiles; I actually thought it was fine to die. Finally the bosses were way too easy; I defeated them with a couple of hits and they were no threat to me.

Overall I really enjoyed the game however I feel like you should check the difficulty. Keep up the good work.

Not bad! I wish there were more upgrades but overall pretty good.

Controls for the airship are to responsive. I would have liked some reality to the choppers movement. The game is simple and the backgrounds are mostly monotonous. Yet menus are well done and in my play time there were no bugs or issues.

It's kind of cool, but I can't say I recommend.

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3.19 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2013
12:53 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional