Hot Goomba Sex

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Ever wondered what it would be like to have sex with a Goomba, and if so, Why would you ever wonder what it'd be like to have sex with a Goomba?! However, if you did, you can put all your wondering aside. Prepare your anus, 'cause it's about to lose all voluntary control. It's time for some HOT GOOMBA SEX!

Make the Goomba of your dreams (Sick perverted fantasies) and HAVE SEX WITH HER! Change her Hair, Skin, Eyes, and More! Butt tons of Positions, secrets, and Unimaginable shame are waiting... FOR YOU!


Game webpage:

* May not work on all devices, if the game won't start then your device is not supported. (full support is limited)
* Requires at a minimum Flash Player 10.2.
* For full Support and improved stability, Flash Player 11.2 and higher is Recommend.
* This game is graphically intensive, lower graphics setting in options accordingly.

Please report all bugs and glitches or concerns in a PM.

Current Version 1.01a (as of 8 / 21 / 2013)

*Change Log*

8/17/2013: rare bug fix, stuck customization tutorial.
8/21/2013 Added Medal List to main Menu in the new Extras tab and now when a cheat is used a description of the cheat will be shown if the cheat is valid.
5/5/2014: Fixed bug where cursors wouldn't appear in certain versions of Flash Player.

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My shot a creating a Goombella


I had fun

Somehow still a proud fap.

lllM?Wl743Aaaaa743Aaaaa Here's my goomba~

I downloaded this game years ago! But it's always nice to come back and show my appreciation.

I also made this thing: niiia6Va0MaapaaMa?aa

And a few others, but the whole copy/paste thing would be too lengthy.

Here's my goomba code if anybody wants it (probably not): lvlaaMW?WMMaa?WMFX5AD

Who knew goombas were so willing to drain your balls?? Enthusiastic little guys.


I now want a personal fuck-goomba. So, thanks?