SME: Wishbone.

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What's the story, Wishboner?


Ah, I see.

These are boring and repetitive. All revolving around gay stuff. Literally. The robot voice is boring. And they all consist of few slides. Please, at least animate them and maybe use a real voice. Then will you not get all these hateful comments.

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BrotherBear responds:

I will animate some of these movies in the future, but you can't tell me to drop the "robot voice." To me, and many others, it is hilarious. There is a cult following for these types of videos on YouTube, and to a lesser extent, on Newgrounds. They all love the Speakonia voices. It just isn't as funny to hear a character talking about gay sex when it's with a real human voice.

Bleh, This is my first time on newgrounds.
I click on this and suspect a good flash, but that is obviously not what I get.
What I get is slides with a dog and a boy having it.
Please if you're going to make more flashes, don't make more like this.

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BrotherBear responds:

Why were you expecting a "good Flash?" Do you assume that every Flash submitted on NG is good by default? Don't get your hopes up bud, many of the Flash movies on here are utter crap, too.

Also what do you mean by "having it?" Can you please clarify on what you're talking about?

No, many people love this style and me and other individuals who make SMEs will continue to use this style because they prefer it.

Also you and HolidayJester have the same Eddy icon (looking at his profile it uses the same icon). Was this a coincidence, or are you his alt? If so, then you're breaking the rules, and you can be banned from reviewing.

Hmm how about you stop making these "SMEs" and leave newgrounds.

BrotherBear responds:

No, fucker. I'm here to stay, and HardHart, Raving-Homosexual, and the rest of the Barney Bunch who make secret episodes are here to stay. We are not breaking any rules and we have each and every right to post these videos. Don't like them? Then stop clicking on them! You are the one who is deliberately watching them. So if you don't like them, then go away.

Also, this wasn't a "review." I could even go as far to say that it's abusive, in which it is.

oh fuck. not another sme on newgrounds. if you cant see why this is terrible then im here to tell you, you need to make your first flash videos much more original. if you wanna make parodies of videos, you can do that after you can show your own style and story instead of the same boring robotic vioce and a single frame repeating the same crap from another user making more sme's. they are not funny and chances are these are gonna get blammed. im telling you this now before some twat spams in comments to go die in a fire because you may attract twats like that. please take this message into consideration before posting up another sme thanks.

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BrotherBear responds:

This isn't one of my first Flash videos, I made this recently and my first Flash animations are from 2005. The "boring" robotic voice you speak of, is actually hilarious to me and many other people, especially on YouTube, where there is a cult following for videos like these. There isn't a single frame because there are hundreds of frames using different images. This isn't me repeating "another user's SMES" because SMEs have been around since 2005. Look up the Secret Missing Episode Collection series uploaded by Raving-Homosexual, which was submitted in 2006. They are collaborations of work made by several individuals, which all use the same style with the Speakonia voice and hot gay sex theme. All hilarious, and those collections received decent scores.

Also, BEFORE I REITERATE, you CANNOT blam these after they have passed judgement. I have been here on Newgrounds since 2005, and it seems that you signed up in 2013, and I am assuming that you are not too familiar with this site. After a movie has 200 votes and an accumulated score of over 1.60, it has "passed judgement" and therefore cannot be solely removed by votes from the users of Newgrounds. The only way it can be removed is if I remove it on my behalf, or have it deleted by an admin if I was breaking the rules. In this case, I have not broken any rules and I have abided by the rules and regulations of NG.

No, I will continue to post SMEs if I desire to. I have each and every right to, and if they get blammed, which is likely, then it will not thwart me from wanting to come on here to upload them. I also do make Flash movies with original art and animation created by myself, but there's nothing wrong with uploading a hilarious Flash movie with photos, Speakonia voices, using the gay sex theme. In my opinion, that theme never gets old.

You are entitled to our own opinion, but if you don't like the SMEs or any of these type of videos, then just simply do not click on them and watch them, if you're anticipating a poorly made movie with the "boring robotic voice," still photos from TV shows, and a theme of gay sex jokes. You know what you're getting yourself into, so it's not my fault, but it's really yours. Nobody is pointing a loaded handgun to your head holding you captive in a corner, and forcing you to watch these. These videos actually hardly receive any attention on Newgrounds, and most people probably forget that these videos exist.

SMEs are apart of a long-running subculture that a lot of people seem to appreciate, but also seem to disapprove of because they just don't see the true meaning behind these. These are not works of art, but they're something special, fresh, and new. In my opinion, they're more original than your typical stick figure "animation," or the typical Sonic vs. Mario sprite shit which usually is completed with little to no talent. Even if you truly hate these videos, at least acknowledge the fact that there are a lot of people on Newgrounds that love these videos. I can list a good number of people on the top of my head who love SMEs and Barney Bunch Flash movies or videos. I can list a good number of people on the top of my head who are truly amused by listening to the Speakonia voices and hearing them talk about having anal sex and pooping everywhere. Is it immature? Probably. Is it hilarious? To many, yes.

That is my input there, and I know it's long, but I want to get this message across to any people who hate these movies. Many of those people are simple-minded idiots, and some have understandable reasons for hating these. They really don't understand our reason for submitting these, and they forget that some people love these movies, many of whom are on YouTube and create these videos influenced by this style. It's good for a cheap laugh, and Drew Pickles speaking with a text-to-speech Microsoft Sam voice just cracks me up sometimes. Stop taking shit so seriously, and maybe you can be apart of the group of people that appreciates these types of videos, that we make for no money.

No, me, nor anyone else, makes any profit from these. So stop giving a damn of what we do.

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1.27 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2013
11:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Original