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Elysium Spoiler in 90 Sec

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So this time I tried to focus on backgrounds, fluidity in camera movement and more care with drawing stuff. So why not spoil a movie while I'm at it!?

You'll get to hear me talk too! :p

If you watch until the end, you'll see a spider that I animated, using the bone tool. Bone tool and I are besties.

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I have to say that was pretty decent, your working your way to getting better keep it up! I did notice at one point where the music got a little too loud for the dialogue, but the artwork has decent amount of detail.

Keep it up! It will get better with practice!

Oh wow this was great. :D


If your purpose is to summarize the plot in 90 seconds, you hit the nail on the head. However, I personally felt like the quality of the movie was reduced by its heavy-handed political statements. (We are the 99! Free Healthcare!) What could've been an epic sci-fi universe turned into an okay satire. What I really wanted to see were the humans on earth disabling the Elysium defense systems with the super secret information and using a tractor beam or towing cables to drag Elysium into the pacific ocean. THAT would've been awesome.

Anyways, 4.5 stars because you did a bang up job of a summary. Could've expanded more on what the information contained and why it was so important

I really did enjoy your movie reveiw tho I dont think I hear this movie before but it sounds really crazy and ramdom to me think Ill try seeing it anyways. Your flash was well made in this type of style I can tell you had some fun with it and thats always go to see. :)