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CC - Only One

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I honestly wasn't sure if I would be able to make a decent Clock Day short on time this year. Ever since June 21st 2013, I had been residing in Roseberry Park Hospital due to severe depression and anxiety.

After I had finally been discharged on August 5th, I had no idea what to animate for Clock Day. Then, one day, I asked myself "What if B was uploaded using a different font?"

Thus, I took upon myself the daunting task of creating a simple, little B symbol, creating over 200 keyframes for its animation (each using a different font) and then creating an animated sequence of several duplicates forming the titular symbol.

Over the past few days, working on this little short was occasionally annoying. For example, I had to remove a few Bs due to Flash crashing a few times.

Regardless, I think this one turned out pretty good!

Strawberry Clock is the King of the Portal.
Don't ask why; he just is.


Music Used: Beethoven's Sonata Pathétique (Piano Sonata No. 8)

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Coauthor me, considering I made the art ;)

MysteryEzekude responds:

Done. ;)

That was beautiful in over 200 ways.

that was B-eautiful maaaaaan

Amazing! I had this idea since long time ago but i'm pleased that you took it and maked it a millions times better.

PD. There's no need to put "CC - " in the title.

Powerage did this in 2011, it was called "The Many Faces of B".
I mean... I guess the bit hasn't been any lessened, but...

MysteryEzekude responds:

Really? I didn't know. Never mind. At least I got to put my own spin on it.