Kingdumb Hearts Derpencer

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Sigh, to think I wrote this movie as a quick movie to be finished in Decmber, 2012.
Heh. and as usual it ends confsing and vague.
But what do you expect with Kingdumb Hearts? Just jump to the music video if it's too weird, press A.

Well, finally done.
Kingdumb Hearts Bored to sleep will still take an eternity but I got at least the Dream Drop Distance game out of the way.

Hope you enjoy.
Disney, Square Enix and Sega for stuff.


I like how the sleeping joke was played up less here. Then seeing how Riku seems to be the only one with logical grasp on how to handle things due to having been in both the darkness and the light is a nice touch.

I like how it ends with a music video of butterflies and worlds being traversed as Sora, Riku, Axel, and Xehanort all try to complete their goals. Got so pumped up seeing how it all ended on a hilarious note. I loved it.

Overall, great two piece set.

Liked how you didn't overdo the sleeping joke like in the last one, though I guess I was kinda expecting more jokes about the other worlds. Though I guess the references and jokes about them were already done in the music videos.

I liked the way you made fun of Sora's failure and the plan of Xenahort. As for the music video, I saw the Marvel and Star Wars jokes coming a mile away and you didn't disappoint. I also loved the Wreck-it Ralph inclusion.

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You totally traced parts of DBZ! Lol

However this flash was pretty witty and enjoyable. I really need to try playing Kingdom hearts, I'm guessing it's better than I thought.

lol nice dream powers for the win.

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LOL so funny when Disney Charactors fall on that guy and also the whole movie was funny too 5 stars :D

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2.99 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2013
3:58 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody