Shattered Heaven Ep. 1

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Shattered Heaven

Episode 1 "The Path Laid Out"

An original mecha animated web series based off the novel series of the same name.

A hundred years has passed since the rebirth of humanity. A new world, born from a catastrophe of its own making. The world has grown and technology has advanced. Genesis Global, the world's fore front developer of mechanized frames continue to help educate new generations. The New Year is upon us. For each year, a new path is revealed.

Cast in order of appearance

Narrator: Ty Konzak
Extras: Tamtu Bui, Heidi Tabing, Gerardo Paz
Mike Aquilus: Carlos Moreno
Grace Cooper: Corinne S.
Christina Efflorenso: Michelle Deco
Sean Repens: Brian Gilbert
Jen Fama: Jasmine Carbonell
Amy Caecus: Kira Buckland
Adam Novus: Adam Tilford
Severen: Niel Sumter
Catherine Henning: Brittany Lauda
Sarah Henning: Holly Hampson
Stephen Novus: Greg Nugent
Veronica Laboro: Jessi Nowack

Music composed by Project Trinity

Ending theme
"Broken Machine"
Performed by Amanda Lee
Lyrics and composition by Luke Thomas

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Twitter - https://twitter.com/christilford

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You certainly get an A for effort and creativity, and the concept is somewhat original, but the whole 'anime style robots fighting each other' idea has been done to death. The voice acting was really unconvincing too; I feel like that's where this video could have shone. Voice actors are everything in a project like this and I feel like it just didn't get there :/.

Keep at it though I think the animation was solid.


The animation was decent, though I saw a few parts that I feel could have been fixed (one example being that on the end of the hair it blended into the color of the characters skin).
The story was great and it drew me in.
The last thing I noticed was that in some scenes like the one where Sarah first came into the fray, the volume of the voices where different (example being that Sarah's voice was much louder than the other two characters she was with in her scene.
All in all it was good. I hope you see what I'm talking about and manage to fix the issues with future episodes.
I'm really looking forward to this story.

lost half a star cuz of animation and art quality but i salute you for coming up with this . i can imagine how much effort is done cuz i'm an animator myself . i just hope you guys can sustain this project till finish . keep up the good work

sorry guys, I hate to be a dick, but...
this cartoon embodies everything I hate about anime.
lure us in with the promise of fighting robots, and then have humans complaining to each other for the whole time. I was far to bored to care about any of these characters, and there was a lot of them to bore me. You did so much work with voice acting and lip syncing that you would think something good would come of it, but it was all that voice acting that causes this cartoon to fail.

I really liked the history line you laid out in the opening, it is an interesting world that could be developed. My advice would be to concentrate on your fighting robot animation skills, and then cut 80 % of the human characters.

just my opinion.

It's very ambitious and I like the amount of world building that's being done. One thing dragging it down though is that you desperately need to adjust the audio levels to be consistent.

Also, the noses on the female characters are a bit off. I see what you're trying to do, but that kind of 80's style needs a lot bolder shading and lines in the right places to work. Basically what indicates the tip of the nose is too bold and makes it appear strange. If you want to improve that you could study how noses look in real life and in anime as well. For example, the anime movie Patlabor 2 has some good realistic ones.

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4.08 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2013
7:17 PM EDT