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rated 2.76 / 5 stars
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Aug 14, 2013 | 12:39 PM EDT

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Do you have the skills to complete all 28 Levels of this classic platform game? Spikes, Guns, Lasers and other
surprices are waiting for you. 2 different game modes are available. Pros can try the 100 Lifes Mode and they will suffer
dearly. Steal data from a top secret underground area! Be careful as the AI System will try to defend the servers at all cost.
You goal is to reach the server in each level.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Using a second account just to respond to snakep to show there's no hard feelings ;)

Glad you liked my post, I worked a lot on it! I in turn enjoyed your response. Being a rage game lover, I also enjoy reading people's b****y comments about how hard the game is. I am glad you noticed that I wasn't really all that mad at it; it was more my character. I love this game more than I was letting on, playing it to lv. 20 until I had to turn the computer off and lose all my data :(

So yeah, I will be playing this game more (if only to beat it and rub it in your face) even if it's not my favourite, and I do honestly look forward to more games of yours. Just please don't make it like this one, mmkay? ;) I'll be making a video review of this when I get the time and, or at least my character will. Expect it to be very over-the-top angry.

In any case, GG! *Shakes your hand*

snakep responds:

Hi KoopaConor,

no bad feeling here too ;)
I know its not a great game, it was just meant to entertain with a few silly jokes and get the blood pressure up on players.

I have checked your YouTube Channel you have some very nice reviews there, keep up the good work.



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I'm sorry I really wanted to give you a better score, but there is nothing much here. One problem I had was the fact that the spikes would sometimes glitch out making it so my char doesn't die which is fine, but when you can just slightly tap them from the side and die it makes me a bit annoyed. As for creativity not much is here for uniqueness and fits almost all platformers. It might have been your purpose, but I really wished you at least made the control slightly easier to use for it also glitched out a lot and made it nearly impossible to get anywhere after the eighth level. Anyways have a good day, and I seriously hope you take in consideration the reviews you get, because as a writer I know that the reviews will help you improve your game design.

snakep responds:

Thank you for the review.

I will release a PussyCat Version once i find the time ;)


Rated 0 / 5 stars


Ooh, another rage game with really stiff controls! My favourite!

Well, I guess it is, but I do prefer games that have real challenge, not fake difficulty that stems just from poor jump/move mechanics. The difficulty jumps ridiculously at level 8 with no attempt at a curve, and the similarities to Give Up by jmtb02 are so striking that I'd go so far as to call this an inferior knockoff. That being said, Give Up has a more fun atmosphere to it, so I would recommend for anyone planning on trying this game out to just stick with Give Up.

That being said, I refer to the review below me for the more in-depth analysis of why this game sucks. I wanted more to respond to your response to plasmarift. His review was very fair and constructive, which is more than this game deserved, but your response was so facetious and missing the point of receiving criticism that I couldn't even believe you were serious.

"maybe you are just annoyed because you didnt make it too far. Dont blame me because of it ;)"

ARE YOU KIDDING?! First off, he was annoyed, that's obvious, but he did a very good job of hiding that annoyance and giving a fair review. There's no reason to attack him for that unless you yourself are too annoyed at getting a bad review to respond in a mature way! Second, Just because he didn't beat it doesn't take away his right to pass judgement on it. I haven't beaten all the games I reviewed, but sometimes it's just not fun enough for me to want to continue a game. That's not his fault; it's yours. Third and most important, don't blame it on you?! Did you really just say that? Of course we should blame it on you! You're the creator of the bloody game! Who else should we blame, Tom Fulp? Jmtb? The tooth fairy? If you can't handle criticism in a sensible fashion then you shouldn't be making games in the first place. You take criticism to learn from it and make better games, not to act like an asshole who thinks everything he makes is gold and anyone who says differently is flat out wrong. As a game reviewer, attitudes like that make me sick to my stomach.

1.5 stars for the game, -100 for the creator. BLAM THIS PIECE OF CRAP AND HIS GAME. /raging rant mode off

I don't particularly care for the game.


snakep responds:

Funny post, another bad loser ;)

You may not noticed these are free games. This is not a Lucasarts production and if it was you would turn out 5 Stars and crawl on your knees and lick boots ;) Of course there are shortcomings but its made to entertain a few minutes nothing more nothing less.

Keep spamming so only the bad reviews are on the first site, what a pathetic loser.
You try to hide your own incompetence in this long "review" you make me laught hard.
Another cry baby, ill will keep making such games as i see "Game Reviewers" like you go mad about them...

Priceless ;)

BTW: Iam thankful for bad reviews they can show you alot about what went wrong with a game. I was expecting some hostile comments as the game is quite provocing. I do not have a problem with that. However i have to admit a certain joy as you go on a rant about this game, it also shows your character ;) Thank you for caring enought to write such a long review!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

looks like Emanuele Feronato's platform engine, hehe ;)

snakep responds:

Another "expert" said it was made with Stencyl ;)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Stage 8 is impossible

snakep responds:


the double jump up to the place in the middle is a bit tricky, but its possible.