Clear Waters TD

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Build many towers and upgrades to kill different types of monsters. Achieve goals to get the medals and achievements in the game.


Good TD. Fun game. Simple and attractive graphics. I was disappointed that I couldn't play survival mode on any levels other than Oil Refinery.

Fun basic game. You need more maps and upgrades

good game..

+enemies are a bit slow... or they are fast.. yet a fast forward (makes minions or monsters walk faster.. not same with next button..) toggle button is a must ( or i as a player thinks its a must while playing your game especially when the monsters are already weak for the towers planted) ...sorry

+ not enough description for the towers ( also with spells and the enemies)

+ i like what you did with the next button, its like a pistol with safety pin on it.. anti-spam :D

that's as of now :D
hope this helps :D

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The game isn't really new or anything but it sure is a new time waster, you REALLY need to improve the detection radius, I had a tower near the exit and an enemy just walked right past it, and you should make getting mana much more easier, I was on wave 13 with just 124 mana. With a few tweaks this game could be more enoyable, but still now new. Oh and I did like the achievement system, it only makes this game more challenging and more time consuming to get the achievements.

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2.90 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2013
5:50 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense