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This guy is really hungry, but where can he buy food?
Maybe at the pharmacy?


You know what? That was actually pretty amusing. Keep up the good work!

Heeheehee! I like your animations a lot! I like that there are no noises to distract me from your drawings and your funny voice acting. I also get a feeling that your animations are really fun to make and it looks like you had fun which also made me really happy while I watched it.

Silly little stick guy - he wasn't smart at all!

It was kind of funny at the end, but I could tell there wasn't much effort put into the animation. It had a plot, though, and that deserves some credit.

Zeruel82Mk2 responds:

I'm only using an android app on my phone to make my animations, and I kinda suck at drawing/animating, so, yeah, my animations aren't that good, but I'm glad you liked it a bit anyway.

i just like those cartoons that feel like they're building up to something like a resolution or a punchline.

so he ate that building then the supermarket man ate him so is that like beyond inception or something?

this kinda reminds me of my animations with them eating randomly and everything.

Zeruel82Mk2 responds:

I think you are thinking to far : ) He just ate the guys at the pharmacy and the pharmacy because he was hungry. Then the shopkeeper ate him because he was mad at him for asking the same stupid question over and over again. ...or something like that : )

I didn't know spiders were allowed in the pharmacy.

Zeruel82Mk2 responds:

Spiders have 8 legs, my good Sir, not 2. But I guess they could have dropped 6 legs each? Besides, have you even seen a "no spiders allowed"-sign at your local pharmacy? I sure haven't : )

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2.60 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2013
4:56 PM EDT
Comedy - Original