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Mario vs Megaman!

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This is basically a mess of a bunch of experiments I did with After Effects (for all effects) and Blender (for animation), this is my first time using Blender or any 3D animation software really.
Every effect there I made using particular and the animation was made in Blender, with the use of Adobe Flash CS3 for the sprite animation.

I know you guys hate sprite animations so I'm not expecting positive feedback for it, I just wanted to share it. I still welcome criticism. Hope you guys enjoy this very crude fight.

Special thanks to Mr. Lange and some other dude Named Cixlo.
Mr. Lange for guidance through blender and Cixlo for helping me with some sprites.

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That was quite well done! Liked the camera angles, explosions, music and the animation overall. Keep up the good work!

The rating should be higher! This was reall fun! Well, it was too short. You still had a good idea. Now with the new "Super Smash Bros", this is a reality! Well, they're adding everyone nowadays.

I liked the use of 3D looking sprites. You rarely see that combined. It was just fun to see this random battle. Again, it needs to be longer. You have the potential for something great.

This is awesome, but it's not Mario vs Megaman. It's Mario vs Megaman X! Despite both being made by Dr. Light, Rock and X are two different characters, with X being the more advanced of the two. Also, the combination between 2D and 3D in battle reminds me of Death Battle! Is that where you got your inspiration for this?

This was very well animated, and I'd also have to say, for a first time using Blender, this is amazing.

As a Mega Man and Mario fan, that was very enjoyable. Well done!