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Meh bro has his fetishes.
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UPDATE: I REALLY didn't want it to be like Egoraptor's animation. I'm just going by the audio and Hiimdaisy's art style to complement the video.

Message from the man that started it:
Hey everyone, UC here. I just made an account to thank you for the praise. It's really nice to hear from people who enjoy my work. I also wanted to explain something about the original audio. The lines were done completely in improv and in a single take on vocaroo.com. I hope that kind of clears up why the "writing" isn't so tight (there wasn't any!). I personally think it added a lot to the panicky nature of the characters, because I had to switch voices on the fly and come up with things to say on the spot. This was just one of about 100 requests I got that night, but it's by far the most popular.
Anyway, Madame Mochete, this was totally sweet and I'd never imagine someone would make an animation of off this - so quite the pleasant surprise! Keep it up!

Watching while animating: To Catch a Predator and Jem and the Hologram
Voice Actor: UnusualCharacters
Some color work: Diglidi-Dude

Background song: Pomf Pomf by Nyanners

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One of the last Movies that make me feel someting inside.
Like laughing or thinking wtäff whaddiddijustwhatch <3


Great voice.

this...this tastes like Egoraptor!
(oh god I lost it at that fucking parrot)

It's not a fetish! It's a way of life!
Futas for the win baby!

Just the thought alone of the voice actor doing all the voices in one take earns this a five...