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Bed Bug Conspiracy

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Aug 10, 2013 | 12:10 AM EDT

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See this video on youtube at: tch?v=IdVoYE_guAs or by searching Bed Bug Outbreak illuminati.
***Bed Bugs, the nearly extinct insect that somehow came back massively. Could these bugs have been released intentionally by the government? Is it the Illuminati? Or could it possible be Nano Bot technology? Please check out the video and theory. You can research all you like to confirm accuracy, and to learn more.
You can visit my Youtube channel to check out my updated videos and theorys. er/AdvenCastStudios



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I loVe the info, thx for sharing! Always interested in the #TRUTH! Could you share some ref links? I am having a hard time finding any news articles or info related to the release of the bugs by Hawethorne and I'd like to ref it and this vid in a project I'm doing. THX!!!


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rather dissapointed to be said but -- those people who lack education , in biology and chemistry -- lack the understand -- a outbreak of bug could kill many if not infected people with all form of diffrernt kind of diseased that you never heard about . Even more a single outbreak can causing several year of un end sick ness

it not a conspiracy -- it real , but then who are the people around have enough ability to know it true anyway?

when your body started to have sore scarches , when you eye bleak out in red , when your body so sick you couldn't eat or drink , couldn't learn or fight against the tyranny that have always been around -- it make you sick to realized you waste so much time wasting your time on all wasting time activities in your life , only to now for some people wanted to show something -- dwinlling not know it true or not but they have courages too - those of you around met them with aggression and idicocy -- never once you truly know the real nature of your government that you were being indoctrinated about being worship it , since the day american propaganda was created, far long ago.

they never was about saying those bug -- they were group them up and inject them with specially deadly virus to used the forces of nature kililng you -- used the wind , used the water , used the food suppled used the air against you .

it always about killing people -- and killing someon is not a light matter - we have concern , tell out to people who like us , and do action , learn learn about biology about chemistry , take a sample developed anti-dote . DO NOT GIVE UP


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Hm, a bit too superstitious for my taste. There are many more interesting topics to research if you want to talk about the defecation of our 4th amendment.

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Text was too fast near the end I could barely keep up besides you spelled destroyed wrong and had other grammar issues. As for it being real I can't recall Obama saying anything about not harming an insect even if he did it doesn't mean anything it is a figure of speech. Besides bed bugs are microscopic and I highly doubt the government can use anything that small for any surveillance purposes. I agree with Hack-Back said this is close to government slander.

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pintobeanclock responds:

Bed bugs are not microscopic. As far as the government slander goes, I am not saying the government did or is doing anything, it is simply a hypothesis. It does sound rather far fetched. But again, just trying to share my own strange ideas that occur in my head at random.


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I was going to give it a chance but the text was way to fast.

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